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Pros and Cons of Staying in One Place

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When travelling around Australia you will undoubtedly like some places better than others. Everyone will have that one stand out place they loved more than anywhere and it can be influenced by a number of factors. When making plans you will schedule in certain time for certain places but this can easily be changed. I have been in Cairns for a while now, I absolutely love it and could not imagine being anywhere else. When I tell people how long I have been here people are sometimes shocked and wonder how I have stayed in the same place for so long.

Although staying in one place does have both pro’s and con’s I have loved every minute…


  • When you stay in one place for an extended time it becomes like your home. You will not only meet lots of new people but also become very, very close to them. After spending every day for 5 months with the same people how could you not be best of friends. Here at the hostel I’m staying at I have my own little family who I love to pieces. I would / could not have developed these close relationships if it was not for the time period I was here.
  • I know Cairns inside and out because of all of the time I have had to explore. Lots of people arrive for only a few days which makes it impossible to see everything. I have been out and about seeing new things all the time and let me tell you they are some of the most beautiful, amazing sights I have seen in my life. Over the time I have been here I have also made some great friends with the local people who have been able to show me exciting things off the usual tourist trail.
  • You can unpack your things – It sounds so unimportant but the worst part of backpacking for me is the backpack itself – I hate it! Living out of a suitcase is not something I enjoy, I love being able to spread everything out and unpack. You can not do this if you are constantly moving location.


  • You may sometimes get bored being in the same area for so long. I see people leaving all the time off on exciting adventure down the coast and around Australia and sometimes I wish it was me. I know though that my time will come and I soon will be off on my own adventure.
  • Saying goodbye can be hard when you are staying in the same place and other people are leaving to new places. I thought that it would get easier but I keep meeting amazing people and it’s so hard to say goodbye.

For me there are more pro’s than con’s of staying in a place for an extended time but maybe I have bias because I love Cairns so much. Oh well judge it for yourself and if you don’t like staying in the same place – Who cares? Simply move on to the next place.

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