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Noosa National Park

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Why am I in such a good mood today? Well it’s because I’m going to the Noosa National Park, one of the many reasons everyone should visit Noosa. It’s the best mix between sea, mountains, beaches, forest and so many different animals!. And what makes it even more special is I’m taking you with me!

noosa national park
Noosa National Park Boardwalk

We go past the beautiful Main beach and start curling along the seaside – already the view is wicked. Come on guys don’t drag your feet we’re in for a brilliant day! Off to the right there are tons of surfers and kayakers doing their thing, up ahead the track is twisted with lush trees all around us. Hope you guys brought lots of water, and of course your swim suit!

First view point, the boiling pot. Beautiful granite rocks below the cliff drops in the shape of a big U, with the waves crashing the whole thing looks like a pot of boiling water, hence the name the boiling pot!

noosa national park boiling pot
Boiling Pot

A little further up the track we come to Tea Tree bay. Super popular with surfers in Noosa but if you’re a beginner don’t even think about it! We’re talking nice big waves, no life guards and rocks. But if you’re Kelly Slater or a pretty pro surfer you’ll be in paradise. We stop here for a quick swim then on our way to Dolphin Point!

Dolphin point is stunning, we chill on the grassy mound-like seats. After a minute of sitting, a few fins start poking up out of the ocean. Quick! Grab your camera! No silly, not sharks… Dolphins! We hang out and watch the dolphins playing with a kayaker for a little while then it’s time to continue our walk!

noosa national park surfers

We continue down the track and come across a large group of people standing around pointing into the trees. Low and behold, a Koala. A mumma and a baby Koala! Very cute. They are just hanging out with the Mum slowly stretching out to grab a leaf for a munch, a few quick snaps and time for us to keep moving, we are almost at the end of our journey!

As we continue around the last turn the air starts getting cooler and the wind is getting stronger. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hell. Well, Hell’s Gates that is!

noosa national park
Noosa National Park

The earth opens up to a large V shaped cliff drop where the ocean and earth battle- this is known as Hells Gates. After hanging out at Hell for a while we’re left with a choice. Back track to the Hostel, the same way we came. Or… head back to Nomads Noosa via Noosa’s unofficial Nudist Beach – Alexandra Headland…

noosa national park beach

Somehow I think nudity might win!

And leaving the best for the end, the price! You can spend a beautiful day in Noosa National Park for free! Amazing, no? (Check out our list of 20 things to do in Noosa under $20.)

It’ll take around 3-4 hours in total. Don’t forget your sunscreen, some snacks, a bottle of water and your camera!

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  1. Hi. Do you guys have a free shuttle bus to the national park for guests?

    If so, could you tell me the times as we will only have one day in noosa and want to make the most of it.



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