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Love, Sex and Backpacking

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As Australia slowly creeps into summer, more and more good looking backpackers are flooding into the Arts Factory Lodge. The boys start to strip off their shirts (which is why we have a basketball hoop directly outside reception) and the girls whip out the tiny bikinis and try and catch that last 10 minutes of sunshine, or if all else fails just jump in the hot tub.

Every year we see the same pattern emerging, boy meets girl. Then 2 hours, half a packet of cigarettes and a box of goon later they have agreed to change all their travel plans, are madly in love and going to travel the world together.

Most hostels are like speed dating on steroids you have people of all ages and all nationalities thrown into a small compact space forced to eat, sleep, and shower together, so it’s no wonder weird and wonderful partnerships evolve.

Once life stories have been shared and another box of goon drank it’s bed time, and of course it’s obvious you’d both like a little action. But why I ask myself time and time again do you feel the need to consummate your new found friendship in a bunk bed in a dorm room with 9 other people? Really they don’t want to hear it! So please in future remember this article and call by reception to ask if we have any private rooms, we’ll be happy to help and of course be very discreet lol. You’re sure to have heaps more fun and will still be friends with the rest of your dorm room in the morning (You may enjoy reading this for some extra info on this subject.)

By 日:Muramasa (日:Muramasa 自身による撮影) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Sidenote… I’ve just been told a story about someone actually bringing a prostitute back to a hostel in Kings Cross Arrghhh! But that’s a different story!

Our beautiful happy campers aren’t getting away without a mention. Campers who choose to have their own personal space and live in the confines of their own private tents are usually more considerate. Still after a few glasses of wine they seem to completely forget that a tent is only about a millimetre thick and your neighbours (and the entire camp ground) can in fact hear every single thing… even more hilarious is those thoughtful campers that get a little romantic and think mmm maybe I’ll light a candle or have some dim torch lighting, once again forgetting that this just makes some interesting silhouettes for passers by to laugh at.

But do these relationships ever last? Or is the thought of taking your dreadlocked, tattooed hippie boyfriend from Madagascar back to meet the family a little too strange? Should backpacker flings stay just that? Or maybe you have been taken home to meet the parents only to find the gorgeous 27 year old doctor you’ve been travelling with for the last 6 months is in fact a 19 year old binman that still lives with his parents. How do you know people are really who they say they are ?

Tell me your stories…

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