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Free Fitness in Cairns

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Sometimes it’s hard to be focussed on staying fit while you’re travelling, however in Cairns it’s quite easy to stay fit and you don’t have to join a gym to do it because there are  plenty of ways to stay fit for free.

In Cairns we have this great privilege to do sport without having to pay to go to an actual gym. Since the weather is really nice most of the time, you can just go outside to practice any type of sport. There are so many ways to work out down on the Cairns Esplanade, it’s difficult to just ignore it. And it’s also a great way to feel better about yourself after a few too many nights out at The Woolshed or on the Frog N Toad Bar Crawl!!

Active Living – Fun Free Fitness in Cairns

After two months, I’m still managing nearly every single morning to wake up at 07.00am and go for a quick run down the Esplanade. Approximately every 250 metres you will find different types of fitness equipment that is all free to use or exercise stations with a few ideas on some basic workouts you can do.

active living in cairns
“Active Living” – Promenade in Cairns

Every single morning, although it is so hard to wake up that early, I get up and believe it or not it actually gets easier once you start running. I hope that I’ll get to the point that I can actually run a marathon, but that is still far, far away. On the way back from my run I like to stop and watch other people using the exercise equipment along the boardwalk on the Esplanade although I’ve promised myself that one day soon I’ll be using it myself!

free fitness equipment in cairns
Free to use fitness equipment in Cairns

So how come there’s all this free to use exercise equipment? “The Council provides this work-out opportunity in the interests of a healthier community. The best part is that it is free and fun!”

In addition to the equipment along the boardwalk the council also has a full fitness programme which is free. And apart from the fact that you can try out all sorts of different fitness activities, like aqua aerobics, pilates, rock climbing, beach volleyball and much more for free, all are held in stunning locations so you can enjoy the outdoors and the view while you’re getting fit. It’s also heaps of fun because of how many other people are there doing it with you!

Free Zumba Classes in Cairns

Every Tuesday from 5.30pm – 6.30pm

free zumba class cairns
Free Zumba Class every Tuesday at 5.30pm in Fogarty Park Cairns

For now I’ll be running for 5 kilometres per day and after that I will pop in to bed straight away again. Which is always the nicest part after a workout. But I can really recommend it to everybody to do because you’ll be very proud of yourself afterwards, and that gives you a great feeling! Also you’ll be able to see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a great view and see lots of other people suffering as well, which will make you feel you are not the only one who’s having a hard time.

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