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Fraser Island for the lazy researcher

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No doubt Fraser Island is one of the most important attractions that you want to see in Australia. However, if you’re anything like me, chances are that your research got a little bit too hard when you got halfway through your trip, with too many distractions.

Working in the Mad Travel Shop, I get a lot of questions about Fraser Island and what tours are available. You can do day tours or week long tours. You can also choose 4WD trucks or buses or self-drive tours, along with many other options.

I thought I would write this summary for those of you wanting to travel to Fraser Island but can’t be bothered with the research.

First of all, there are three main places that Fraser Island tours embark from – Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach and Noosa. The Nomads Fraser Island tours leave from Noosa, and this is my preferred place as there are a lot more opportunities in Noosa than Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. Bluntly put, when you’ve got extra time, there’s a lot more things to do in Noosa.

lake wabby fraser island
Lake Wabby

Should I do a day trip or an overnight trip?

In my experience from travelling to Fraser Island, an overnight trip is much preferred. When travelling on a day trip, you run the risk of becoming stuck in the sand and wasting valuable time trying to become unstuck. This doesn’t happen a lot, but as my father always says – hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

If you’ve got the time, the 3 day / 2 night Fraser Island Tour gives you a proper feel for Fraser Island and all of her natural beauty.

Probably the most common mistake that backpackers make when they hire a campervan to travel around Australia, is assuming that they will be able to take their campervan onto Fraser Island. This is not feasible. However, if you are keen on driving on Fraser island, then a tag-along tour is for you!

4wd fraser island
4WD Tag Along Tour – driving inland

Fraser Island Tag Along Tours

Tag-along tours are basically a cross between a guided and self-guided tour. Self-guided tours are no longer possible. So if you want to drive on Fraser Island then you will have to go on a tag-along tour. There is a lead car with a tour guide driving ahead, while the cars following will be driven by you – or someone in your car. The tag-alongs are in 4WD cars and are a lot of fun. You are eligible to drive them if you have a valid drivers license and are over 21. This is my preferred way of travelling on Fraser Island as it gives you the balance of relaxation and adventure.

However, if you’re not interested in a tag-along tour and feel like sitting on a bus is more your style while somebody does all the driving and organising, then there are plenty of other trips available with 4WD buses and trucks.

lake mackenzie fraser island
Lake Mackenzie

Fraser Island Accommodation

The next thing to consider is your accommodation on the island. The accommodation can range from camping options to luxurious resorts and anything in between. Obviously the price reflects your choice of accommodation. The Nomads Fraser Island tour has two different accommodation options. You can stay at Eurong Beach resort or stay in permanent cabin safari tents. If you’re worried about not getting the proper Fraser Island experience by not camping don’t fret. Most tours will have a camp fire or some sort of camping experience at night time.

While on the topic of accommodation, also keep in mind WHO the trip is aimed at. Tour companies may target a specific age range, and you could find yourself in an awkward situation if you are 18 and have booked on a trip with the oldies. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the grannies and gramps travelling around!) Always ask questions when you’re booking. If you’re booking with a travel agent – make it clear what you want to gain from your trip, as you may be after relaxation rather than adventure, or a party rather than a nature based trip.

camping fraser island
Permanent Cabin Safari tents

How much do tours cost?

The final aspect to consider is the cost. As I mentioned before, the cost does change according to your accommodation and obviously how many days you go for, however there are many other reasons as well. When booking your Fraser Island trip – whether it be a day trip, overnight trip, tag-along or guided, make sure you check what hidden extras there are. Some tours may make you pay extra for local costs, ferry transfers or even for taking your luggage. On the flip side, there are a lot of hidden freebies in other trips. For example, if you were to book the Nomads Fraser Island tour departing from Noosa, Nomads Noosa will let you park your car or campervan for free for the duration of your trip, you can store your luggage for the duration of the tour and will also throw an afterparty at KB’s Bar when you come back as well!

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nomads fraser island tour group
Nomads Fraser Island Tour Group

Fraser Island is a fantastic experience no matter how you do it. Everyone travelling Australia should visit this wonderful island!

  • Tour details correct at time of publishing. Please check product pages and terms and conditions for up to date information.

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    I read mixed things about being able to self-drive Fraser Island. How sure are you that it’s not possible to self-drive the island? Do you have websites or other articles that confirm that? Because I find several articles and travelblogs that describe that it is still possible. I would really appreciate it if you could help us plan our journey!

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