Here at Nomads we’re all about creative expression, especially when it promotes the jaw dropping beauty of Australia and it’s landscapes. We sure do live in paradise!

Whilst trolling Instagram this week in search of “Aussie goodness,” I stumbled upon a photo that captured my attention – an aerial shot of Victoria’s famous surf spot, Bell’s Beach. The photo had been captured by a Drone. The Instagram snap had just 222 Likes. It may sound like a lot, but I couldn’t help feeling that such a unique portrayal of the Great Ocean Road’s most talked about beach deserved a lot more.

I clicked on through to the artist’s page, droneair_australia. I was welcomed by a vast, jaw dropping showcase of what Melbourne and it’s surrounding tourist attractions had on offer. I had to find out more!

Humble founders of @droneair_australia, Magda and Bart, arrived in Melbourne from Poland in 2012. They fell in love with Australia. With a long lasting passion for photography, their love for the country gave them the inspiration to experiment with aerial photography.

“For us, Droning is something new, something exciting and we are happy to promote the beauty of the country where we live.”

Magda and Dave operate their Drone (which requires a commercial license), with a remote control linked to their Ipad which allows them to create photos and video in flight. We couldn’t be happier and you can see why…

City Sights from Port Melbourne

melbourne drone pictures

Bell’s Beach, Great Ocean Road

bells beach drone pictures melbourne

‘The Palms,’ St Kilda Esplanade

melbourne drone pictures

Bathing Boxes, Brighton Beach

bathing boxes melbourne drone pictures

Pink Lake, West Gate Bridge

pink lake melbourne drone pictures

The Great Ocean Road

great ocean road melbourne drone pictures

Mornington Peninsula

mornington peninsula melbourne drone pictures

Wilson’s Promontory National Park

wilsons promontory melbourne drone pictures

Melbourne from Yarra Bend Park

melbourne city droneair australia

Follow DroneAir Australia on Instagram @droneair_australia

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