If you’re looking for somewhere beautiful, interesting and a little bit different to visit then it’s well worth visiting the Crystal Castle. A half hour drive from Byron Bay in the beautiful hinterland of Mullumbimby, the Crystal Castle offers an enchanting and spiritual getaway.

A lifetime of passion has seen the magical grounds transformed into a tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful landscape full of lush tropical rainforest walks adorned with marble statues, Buddhas, deities and of course, many crystals…

“Behold the awe-inspiring presence of the blessing Buddha!”


While walking along the 1 kilometre rainforest walk be amazed by the indigenous plants and wildlife. Make sure you keep your eyes open for any koala’s that might be hanging around in one of the trees.

Behold the awe inspiring presence of the blessing Buddha! At almost 4 metres high and weighing 14 tonnes it offers a place of reflection and peace. Inside the ‘castle’ you can buy exquisite jewellery and crystals, have your tarot read and your aura picture taken…

Besides this, you can walk the ancient labyrinth, also referred to as ‘a walk of spiritual reflection’, which allows you to quietly reflect, or just have a peaceful walk. They also suggest to hold a question when starting off and while walking, be open minded for guidance and the answer will come to you.

The Crystal Castle is more like an open planned house, with a beautiful veranda where you can sit and relax at the Lotus Cafe, with a local produce menu, you can enjoy including, breakfast or lunch,please do try the veggie samosa’s or the 3 cheese pizza, also available is teas/coffee with fresh cakes, sweets, muffins & scones… yum!!! All this while you take in the stunning view over the rainforest and sweeping valley while holding/wearing your newly found suited crystals for healing or purely just enjoyment.

If you don’t have your own transport and are wondering how you can visit, then it’s worth going on a Vision Walks Crystal Castle Eco Tour.

Inspiration, tranquility and breathtaking beauty await you.

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