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Common Myths About Australia

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Traveling to Australia is a dream for many people – but that doesn’t mean that we know all there is to know about this country. Actually, a lot of people get the facts wrong. If there is something putting you off the idea of taking the trip of a lifetime, check out these common myths about Australia – you may find that whatever is holding you back isn’t true at all!

Common Myths About Australia

It’s full of deadly animals and insects

It’s true that there are a lot of dangerous animals and insects in Australia. Also true is that you can find deadly creatures in every country on earth! Many of them leave humans well alone, and while there might be attacks here and there, they tend to be few and far between. So much so, in fact, that they are liable to make the news – so if you do hear about them, just remember that you’re not reading about the millions of people who live and travel through Australia every week without getting harmed at all.

Koalas and kangaroos are everywhere

In the wild, these creatures can actually be hard to find. Koalas in particular are quite rare. But, you can always find them at the zoos in big cities, as well as in sanctuaries around the country. There are even places where you can pay a little extra to hold a koala yourself – though you wouldn’t want to get that close to an adult kangaroo, as they can be very powerful. Oh – and you can’t ride them, either.

common myths about australia
Sleeping Koala – Pixnio

Australians eat insects

You’ve heard of Witchetty grubs, but the truth is that most Australians would never think about eating one of these insects. Actually, the custom of eating them dates back to Aboriginal tribes, and isn’t something that most modern Australians would consider. They aren’t on the menu at every restaurant, even if there might be one or two places that include them for the shock value. You don’t have to chow down on grubs just because you’re in Australia. Vegemite is probably about the most exotic thing that the average Australian eats.

You can wear bathing suits everywhere

Australia is basically one big beach, right? If you wear your bathing suits anywhere that isn’t a beach or a swimming pool, you’ll be committing a big breach of etiquette in reality. Unlike in other countries where you might get away with wearing your swimming costume in a park or wandering around local markets after coming from the beach, in Australia, you’ll be seen as walking around in your underwear. The rule of thumb is that if you can’t see the water, you shouldn’t be wearing a bathing suit.

It’s always hot

Yes, it does get pretty hot in the summer, but maybe not as hot as you think: the average summer temperature is 30°C (86°F). Also, there is a winter in Australia, and it can be cold both during the day and at night. Average temperatures can fall to around  15°C (59°F), and don’t forget that this is average – there will be colder days and colder parts of the country in general. The coldest recorded temperature in Australia was in the aptly-named Snowy Mountains, at -23°C (-9.4°F) in 1994. Make sure that you check the time of year you are traveling before stocking up on sun cream.

With these myths busted, you will know a lot more about what to expect from your trip to Australia. Don’t worry about the silly things you may have seen on television shows and in movies: most of them aren’t true at all.

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