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Breathtaking Destinations in Australia

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When talking about the real beauty of nature, Australia holds a high place in the world. It’s a country of undeniable charm where rainforests, red deserts, wide beaches and underwater life captivate tourists. All of Australia is breathtaking but here are 8 breathtaking destinations that you’ll only find in Australia.

8 Breathtaking Destinations in Australia

1. Airlie Beach

In Australia, if you want to experience paradise, then Airlie Beach is the perfect choice. Most people stop here to take a trip to the stunning Whitsundays but it’s worth staying in Airlie Beach itself for a few days as well. It’s a fantastic place to feel the sun, indulge in the sand, and get an adrenaline kick by trying various water activities. The sheet of palm trees spread all over the place makes the scenery even more impressive! The lagoon and restaurants in Airlie Beach are sure to offer you a fantastic experience.

breathtaking destinations in australia
Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays are more than breathtaking!

2. The Pinnacles, Western Australia

Much of Western Australia is unique and you’ll see so many memorable places. If you don’t have time to head up the West Coast (which you absolutely should), then make sure you at least visit The Pinnacles Desert not far from Perth. It’s an eerie sort of place but fascinating to explore.

the pinnacles wa best destinations in australia
By Binarysequence [CC BY-SA 3.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

3. The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef is famous as the perfect place to experience underwater life and every year tourists go scuba diving there. If this is something that excites you then do not forget to visit Queensland as several other gems are waiting for you. The reef covers up to 2,300 km where you can feel the wonder of nature. Thousands of beautiful creatures like fish, turtles, dolphins and sharks can be found and activities like diving and snorkelling are typical here.

great barrier reef
Amazing marine life on The Great Barrier Reef

4. Sydney

You can’t visit Australia without visiting its most captivating city life, and that is Sydney. Being one of Australia’s top cities, it may seem expensive. You can, however, opt for budget things to do in Sydney in order to explore the city better. There are botanical gardens, picnic spots, the Opera House, places for coastal walks, and much more to experience in this amazing city. The Opera House & the Harbour Bridge, of course, steal the show as one of the most touristy spots of the city.

sydney opera house
Sydney Opera House is one of many places to visit in Sydney

5. Uluru in the Northern Territory

Uluru, or the red centre of Australia, can’t be left unvisited. Whether you want to enjoy it with your group or find some solitary & peaceful moments, it is an amazing place for both purposes. This is the place that can be enjoyed for hours from sunrise to sunset and feel overwhelmed by its beauty. There are several activities like a camel ride to explore the area or you can choose to walk around yourself. The rock stands the length of 1,148 feet that creates the most stunning scenery. It is a great place to spot wild camels and kangaroos as well.

australian culture - uluru red centre
Uluru, the hear of Australia and the best place to learn about historical Australian culture

6. Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and situated on Brisbane River. In the city, there is a lot to explore, drink, eat and mingle with the locals. To roam around, there are wide outdoor spaces, rivers, and events all year round. It is a vibrant place full of culture where you can enjoy live music and art galleries. If you’re into cooking, then the local farmers’ markets are always a great help to pick fresh veggies.

The city of Brisbane has many things to do

7. Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory

People who want to experience the wildlife in Australia should definitely visit Kakadu National Park. You can organize a tour with your group in the national park and experience the beautiful nature. If you want to explore the real beauty, then explore the park on foot. Kakadu National Park is truly the essence of heaven – from unruly rocks, swimming holes, rivers, wildlife to waterfalls – everything’s amazing. If you love the outdoors, this visit is a must!

kakadu national park
Di tDC [GFDL o CC BY-SA 3.0 ], da Wikimedia Commons

8. Melbourne, Victoria

It is also known as the coastal capital because of its location at the Yarra river. From nature to city life it includes all. It is one of the most livable cities in Australia where you can enjoy all the weathers. You will find Melbourne fascinating if you possess love for sports as the city hosts the Australian Open Tennis, the Grand Prix, the Melbourne Cup, and the AFL. Naturally, there are stadiums in the city that can only be described as architectural marvels. For tourists, it has the world’s best coffee cafes, food, markets, festivals, etc. One is spellbound once they visit to this incredible city, Melbourne.

The cosmopolitan city of Melbourne in Victoria

Soak in the great outdoors and culture of this extraordinary country by visiting these 8 breathtaking destinations in Australia. Whether you’re travelling with your family, friends or just alone, this continent/country has something for every kind of tourist. Experience Australia & get mesmerized!

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