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The Blue Lake Rotomairewhenua

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New Zealand is a beautiful and bewitching country where you can relax amongst majestic scenery, or take part in exhilarating activities such as climbing, bungee jumping and mountain biking. If you want to spend time in a place where you can get close to nature, New Zealand is an excellent choice of vacation destination. One of the most memorable natural sights to see in the country is the incredible Blue Lake (Lake Rotomairewhenua). This is a stunning and unique location as it’s home to the clearest natural waters you will ever see.

About The Blue Lake

The Blue Lake  is situated on New Zealand’s South Island, and it’s quite simply one of the most inspiring places you will ever visit. The lake is officially regarded as the clearest natural body of water on the planet. Visibility levels in the water are up to eighty meters. Entry to the water is forbidden as the lake is sacred to the local Māori population. This does not make a visit to the Blue Lake any less memorable. The views of the water are unforgettable, as is the surrounding landscape.

blue lake rotomairewhenua
By SquashemOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia

How to visit Lake Rotomairewhenua

To visit the Blue Lake, you need to travel to the Nelson Lakes National Park. It’s a hiker’s paradise with short walks available alongside loops of the park which can take several days to complete. The Blue Lake is a two-mile hike from the boundary of the National Park and is a popular destination for hikers and anglers alike. Mere words do not do the lake justice; the only way to really appreciate its splendour is to visit it yourself.

nelson lakes national park
Nelson Lakes National Park

Blue Lake Organised Tours

The Blue Lake is not easy to find, so it may help to visit as part of an organised tour. This way you can be sure of safely reaching the shores of this incredible body of water. There are reputable providers online that have years of expertise providing organised trips to the Blue Lake. You need to do your research before you travel and find the right tour for you. One which enables you to spend time at the Blue Lake and get first hand experience of its magnificence.

Blue Lake Walking Tours

If you prefer to travel independently there are accommodation huts where you can stay in the Nelson Lakes National Park. They range from basic huts, which are simply a form of shelter, to serviced huts which have their own water supply and toilet facilities. There are also camping grounds, motels, and lodges close by. The first thing you should do when you arrive at the park is visit the Department of Conservation Visitor and Information Centre where you can get a track map to visit the Blue Lake, as well as other areas of the park.

If you are visiting New Zealand, the Blue Lake is a sight that you should not miss. Its pristine waters will remain in your memory forever.

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