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Beach Camping Australia

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If you’re all set with backpacks in tow and camping essentials in check for beach camping in Australia; there are a few beach campsites you should definitely check out first before setting off on that journey. All of these are equally beautiful with stunning white sand beaches that blind you, and crystal clear waters that delight you with warmth (or coldness) depending on the season. Pair these with great amounts of exploration around the area (if you’re the spontaneous kind) and end the day with a cold beer or delectable BBQ! Sounds exciting? Well, let’s get on to it and read this list of the best beach campsites in Australia.

Best Beach Campsites in Australia

1. Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park, SA

Leave your caravan parked at home because there’s no place for it in Memory Cove’s campground. Bring your tents, camping gear, and self-sufficiency because you’ll have to make do with your own supplies as there’s no adequate supply of drinking water. But the beauty of it all is being able to catch a glimpse of Australian sea lions and New Zealand fur seals that draw up to the coast to have a bit of R and R after a day’s prey-catching.

2. Crayfish Beach, Hook Island, Whitsunday Islands National Park, QLD

Make sure to bring your snorkelling gear when you come to Hook Island because you’ll be blown away by the most breathtaking corals you can see which are just meters from the shore! If you want some inland explorations, you can do so by following 2 wonderful trails: The Tongue Point track and the Dugong Beach track. Whichever track you choose, both lead to panoramic views of the bays!

3. Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay, NSW

The Booderee National Park, otherwise known as “bay of plenty”, was aptly named from the Dhurga language; an aboriginal language of New South Wales. Do you know that they didn’t have a word for “thank you” because they claimed to be very giving people? Talk about pure generosity!

This beach campsite is pristine and unspoiled and is 200 km from central Sydney. Feast your eyes on the whitest sand in the entire world! Amazingly, this beach is home to about 180 different species of fish and you might get lucky and chance on over 200 species of birds frolicking in the skies!

beach camping australia
Greenpatch Beach is located on Aboriginal Land within the Booderee National Park. By Macedoniarulez – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

4. Ned’s Camp, Cape Range National Park, WA

Ned’s Camp is concealed behind a beautiful terrain of dunes and a white sandy beach perfect for swimming and snorkelling! You can indulge in a UNESCO Heritage listed gem which is famously known as the longest and most extraordinary reef in Australia, the Ningaloo Reef. Scuba divers and snorkelers alike are drawn to this marvellous Australian wonder! You can also take pleasure in some walking trails that offer the best views from perfect cozy little spots and take captivating shots of different birds and Australian wildlife!

5. Noah Beach, Daintree National Park, QLD

Another list in the World Heritage compilation is a 130 million year old rainforest that surrounds Noah Beach. This is definitely one of the most alluring gems in Australia when it comes to untarnished, white sand beaches! Get a total off the grid experience and level up your connection with nature because there’s a variety of activities you can choose from; swimming, nature trailing, rainforest tours, village tours, river cruises, bird watching, bandicoot, and platypus spotting to name a few. But if you want to just relax by the beach gulping on that ice-cold beer while munching on that perfectly grilled chicken, there’s no better place to do it than in Noah Beach’s coastline!

Bonus: Spot X Surf Camp, Coffs Coast, NSW

If you’re into surfing then head to Arrawarra on the Coffs Coast and learn to surf with Mojo Surf at their excellent beach surf camp – Spot X. This is a great place to do the ‘Aussie must’ of surfing! “Long days in the sun and waves leading to memorable nights around the camp fire, Spot X Surf Camp is truly a place you don’t want to miss. Great food, awesome staff and comfortable, clean accommodation.

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  1. Beach camping is one of highest things on my ‘bucket list’, and doing that in Australia would be the perfect combination since I’ve never been there.

    I don’t have experience in snorkeling or surfing (yet) so watching the sea lions and grilling chicken would be my default. Sounds like a great way to meet other campers too!

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