Sydney is such a great place to be outdoors, it has great weather and so many open spaces that it often makes you feel like you are miles away from a city. There is no better way to experience Sydney’s outdoors and the Australian lifestyle than with a barbecue by the water in one of Sydney’s parks. Get a couple of friends or fellow travellers, visit the local butcher and the supermarket to get your bbq food of choice, some bread and butter and get your adventure started!

The majority of Sydney’s parks have bbq facilities so you have many options when deciding on a place to sizzle your sausages.

You could head to the Eastern Suburbs to the park at Coogee Beach, you could go to the Northern Beaches to the park at Shelly’s Beach in Manly or you could venture to a variety of parks on the Sydney Harbour. Whatever location you decide, if the sun is shining, or even if it’s not, you will be sure to have an unforgettable day!

No matter how prepared one is when going to a picnic or bbq, everyone always tends to forget something. So let me remind you of a few things you must remember to make the day a success:

  1. Tongs or a spatula – because turning food on a bbq hot plate with your fingers can never end favourably.
  2. Tomato sauce – because it won’t matter how much you burn the meat, if you cover it in tomato sauce it will always taste good!
  3. Football – whether round or oval it is a necessity for any day out in an Australian park.
bbq coogee beach sydney

Important to note: for those who like a drink, alcohol also goes down very well at outings such as this, however a lot of Sydney parks are alcohol free zones so find out before you go.

Alright, so you’ve got your bbq buddies, your food, chosen your bbq location and remembered the necessities. The only other thing required is your camera, because whichever Sydney park you have chosen there is surely going to be some photographic memories to be had!

Once you arrive there is some bbq protocol that must be abided by:

  1. If there is someone using the bbq when you arrive you must wait until they have finished before you put your meat on the bbq – obviously…
  2. If there is someone using the bbq and there are other people waiting to use the bbq after them, you must let the party that was there first be next on the bbq – obviously…
  3. If you have to wait to use the bbq don’t get impatient, it’s all part of the Sydney outdoor experience – and it will get your day started with those drinks you brought along.
  4. When it’s your turn to use the bbq and you’ve finished bbq’ing, if there are people waiting to use it after you, move to a table or empty park space – unless they are people you may get along with or fancy, then invite them over prior to you finishing your cooking – there’s always going to be people to meet whether local or other travelers making the most of Sydney’s outdoors.
  5. Clean the bbq after use – I know that food smells good and you’ve worked up your appetite but it’s common courtesy.
  6. If other people or party’s want to join in when you’re doing whatever you end up doing with your round or oval football – let them, again you will have fun and meet some amazing locals or other bbq motivated travelers.
  7. Don’t leave anything behind unless it’s been put in the rubbish – Sydney parks are a beautiful place… let’s keep them that way.

You’ve been having so much fun I know you’ve forgotten to take photos so make sure you get some before you leave (and the sun goes down). If you do forget don’t worry too much about it – you know you’ll be back!

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