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Backpacking Podcasts

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Voiced by Amazon Polly

We’re now offering you the chance to listen to our backpacking podcasts. Covering all articles on our site, you can learn about Australian animals, Aussie Slang, lot’s of local things to do and see around towns and cities in Australia and New Zealand and much more.

How can you listen to our travel podcasts?

At the top of every article in our blog section (https://nomadsworld.com/blog/) you’ll find this:

backpacking podcasts

  1. Either click play to listen to the article being read to you straight away…
  2. Download it as an mp3 so you can check it out later…
  3. Or you can also find all our latest backpacking podcasts on itunes absolutely free!
Who’s that lady reading the article?

That lady is Polly. Polly – full name Amazon Polly – is a text-to-speech service. We’ve given her an Australian accent and she’s reading the articles pretty well, but she does sometimes struggle to fully comprehend complicated sentences. So although she sounds pretty lifelike she does occasionally sound a little robotic.


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