When I first arrived in Australia my suitcase weighted a small 13kg, filled with nothing but clothes and toiletries. Throughout my trip though, I seem to be accumulating more and more stuff. Now I am starting to wonder how on earth am I going to get it all home?? It’s not until you start packing that you realise how much useless stuff you have sitting in your room. Some of the items I have accumulated I can easily throw away but some things are definitely coming home with me because I will look back on these items in years to come and remember all the great times I had in Australia.

In my suitcase when I travel back home will definitely be the following Australian things…


With the great advancement of technology we have the luxury of being able to take pictures of everything. Even when you are jumping out of air-planes doing sky dives and scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Pictures are a great way to document your trip and are the most effective way to show all your family and friends everything you got up to (well maybe not everything, some pictures are not for parents).

lamington national park
Jussarian flickr

Something Australian

When I think about the items which are stereotypically Australian first thing I think of is a kangaroo, but I don’t think I can take of one those home. So the next best thing would be a didgeridoo or a boomerang. These items are slightly easier to get through customs and will remind you of the Australian culture.


Something I can’t get back home

Anyone who’s been to Australia will have come across Tim Tams and the Tim Tam slam. For British people, Tim Tams are a bit like penguins and are really good. The Tim Tam Slam is something you have to try at least once. Bite off 2 opposite corners and then use your Tim Tam as a straw to drink your cup of tea through – delicious! Be quick though before your chocolate biscuit melts into your tea!

tim tams
slgckgc flickr

Memories of the people I have met

Ok, so they won’t be in my suitcase but I’ll have these memories for life. When travelling it is so easy to meet people. Living in a hostel means that you spend pretty much 24 hours a day with people in such close proximity, so it is inevitable you will become close. I have an Australian Flag which I get everyone I meet to sign. This will be a memory of all the amazing people I have met.

Although the experience you have had in Australia is probably going to be a once in a lifetime experience and totally unforgettable it is good to have some small items like the ones above to remind you in case one day you need reminding.

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