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Australia Zoo

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Australia Zoo is Steve Irwin‘s baby and one of the shining beacons of Queensland and has a close place in many people’s hearts. Easily accessible from either Brisbane or Noosa a full day out can be had at Australia Zoo. What Australia Zoo does well is that it showcases the best of Australia’s unique wildlife as well as a few other rather large creatures to keep you occupied.

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Away from Australia the Safari side of the park which is still growing is the home to Asian Elephants, Sumatran Tigers and some prehistoric rhinos. All carry the same message of conservation and looking after our planet and all that lives upon it. The option to have an ‘encounter’ with a tiger is possibly only for the brave.

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I cannot stress enough how much you learn about Australian Wildlife and this is really where Australia Zoo shines. From possums to Koalas to Echidna’s to snakes to Cassowaries to creatures you have never heard of, it is quite fascinating. The Zoo is possibly the only place in the world that you will see a Tasmanian Devil, just be warned that it may take some time to grab a picture, they are quite similar to an ADHD child who has eaten a few packs of blue smarties.

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Steve Irwin’s idealogy was and is to educate people on how to look after the creatures we live amongst and the way that Australia Zoo does this is to give some of the animals quality one on one time wondering around the park. You can look next to you and a wombat is stood next to you or perhaps a baby alligator.

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It’s the reptiles that shine at Australia Zoo and are clearly the heart and soul of the operation. Credit to the Zoo you do leave feeling that crocodiles aren’t the evil man eaters we often think they are and the infamous crocodile show, although a little too slapstick, will have you surprised and sitting upright in your seat.

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Australia Zoo is well worth the visit if you get the chance, pretty much every employee lives and breathes conservation and has real compassion for the animals that call the zoo home and you can’t help but get a little sucked in too which is what the park hopes. Sure enough you do learn from the experience and the interaction with some of the world’s rarest animals will put a smile on your face.

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