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Top 10 Best Australia Gift Ideas

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If you’re lucky enough to visit the beautiful Land of Down Under, you need to make sure that your friends and family get something from the trip. Instead of those run-of-the-mill gifts and souvenirs they’ll likely forget all about (and be tremendously disappointed to get in the first place), Australia gives you so many options to impress your loved ones with a unique, useful, Aussie-approved present! Here are the top ten to consider for people of various interests, and make sure to add a personal note to each one!

Melbourne-made Uggs

While you’re running around this mesmerizingly beautiful city in search for the next best brunch spot, look for a store selling original Ugg booties, slippers, and other exceptionally comfortable footwear. This famous brand has earned quite a reputation for quality and coziness, and if you’d like to give a truly meaningful gift to someone you love, this is the one to go for. Let’s not forget, they also have a wide range of equally fuzzy and fluffy accessories on offer.

Some Vegemite, anyone?

If you know about Marmite, then you should know about Vegemite, as well. This funky-smelling, and even funkier-tasting dark spread is a staple of Aussie breakfast, and not a favorite among too many outsiders. For friends that have a love for the strangest for their palate, get them this national gem. If anything, they’ll have a genuine Aussie food experience right at home!

Kangaroo leather items

You’ll come across all kinds of kangaroo things during your visit, from kangaroo pizza, to kangaroo jerky. However, these items you’re about to impress your friends with are certainly not edible, and they can last them for years to come. We’re talking about accessories the likes of classy wallets, bags, purses, and other stunning details you can think of – Aussies are masters of the craft, and every piece is beautiful and functional.

Fill up those beauty shelves

Aussie women are known for their effortless, natural beauty, their wrinkle-free smiles (despite all those hours at Bondi), and their perfect blond beach waves. How do they do it? They use top-of-the-line beauty products every day. Treat your gal-pals with a superb hyaluronic acid serum straight from Down Under, enriched with soothing aloe vera and vitamin B3 to boost that youthful radiance. They’ll love you for the pick, and they’ll ask for more the next time you go!

One-of-a-kind opal baubles

It’s only natural that this gorgeous country has its own national gemstone, and none other than opal. In case you’re in Sydney, you’ll find various jewelry shops that have exquisite opal items on offer, and your loved ones and friends will agree that every single one is breathtaking. A pair of minimal earrings, a necklace with a stunning opal pendant, or a ring, it’s a life-long memento from a trip worth remembering.

Tim Tam and other treats

You know someone with a sweet tooth? Australia is packed to the brim with unique flavors, and no, this time it’s not about Vegemite. You’ll find their stores packed with sweets that are considered quintessentially Aussie – Tim Tams are a perfect example, but you should also get them some Caramello Koalas, some Unibic Anzac biscuits, and their delicious Violet Crumble chocolate bars. Consider this an edible care pack for your bestie.

Aussie coffee beans

Unfortunately, taking a cup of coffee for your friends who are nuts about the beverage is not an option. However, Australia is famous for that very same passion, as their coffee shops will surprise you with their unique menus of turning such a simple sip into fireworks for the senses. What you can do is find a local coffee bean seller, so that you and your family can make a fresh cup of Aussie brew and tell them all about your journey.

Lovely locally made items

No matter where you’re staying in Australia, whether it’s a metropolis the likes of Sydney or a small town nearby, there’s always a farmers’ market and a few boutique stores that sell handmade goods and wearables you can get for your friends back home. Look for stores and artists that make sustainable, locally-sourced items, and you’ll also support the local economy and spread awareness of their cultural heritage. Think: an ethical tote bag with an Aussie print, silk scarves designed by refugees, and the like.

Local wine

Sharing the throne with Italy, France, Argentina, and the rest of the Mediterranean, Australia boasts some of the finest wines your taste-buds could ever dream up. This is somewhat of an investment as well as a gift, so make sure you get it for a true connoisseur. They are well-known for their tantalizingly tasty Shiraz, but their Cabernet Sauvignon is equally worthy.

Aboriginal arts and crafts

Last, but certainly not the least beautiful or memorable, you can purchase accessories, clothes, and all kinds of knickknacks made by the local indigenous people, and with their unique designs. Ask around for stores with handbags, boomerangs (used as a hunting tool), tablecloths, and artwork (original as well as prints), and you will soon find yourself getting two of everything – one for yourself, the other for your chosen lucky family member at home. Make sure you also check out some Aboriginal Rock Art when in Australia.

Whether your friends are foodies, coffee aficionados, fashion lovers, or they just love a good story, every single item on this list is imbued with the life and history of this awe-inspiring continent. Choose wisely, and make your loved ones happy!

Author: Fiona is a lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia. She’s in love with good coffee, croissants and fashion magazines. In her spare time, she plays tennis and travels around the world. You can read more from her on her blog High Style Life.

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