For those who cannot quite live the stereotypical backpacker lifestyle or for those who have perhaps lived it a little too much and are looking for 2 days and 2 nights of gentle pampering and luxury then look no further than The Whitsunday Adventurer. Whitsunday Sailing Adventures newest addition to their fleet is their smallest yet but it is also the most intimate with a mere 10 people calling the boat their home for 2 days.

The Adventurer itself is a catamaran complete with spa pool, and in cabin dvd players and if that doesn’t grab your attention possibly the 50 meals a day might. Ok so it’s not 50 but it’s fair to say you won’t go hungry. However, all the small little luxuries aside The Adventurer takes you on a trip further than many other boats to explore all the top spots the Whitsunday Islands have to offer.

the adventurer whitsundays sailing

“…great sunny weather often causes your attractive skipper to get a bit hot and need to remove his t-shirt..”

Boarding the boat at 12pm in Airlie Beach you are greeted with friendly smiles and lunch, your crew know how to keep you happy,¬†handmade by your hostess for the duration of your trip, in our instance CJ, a wonderful and charismatic Canadian, who credit to her smiled and kept us in fantastic spirits throughout. Her partner in crime and skipper was Eviar, a man who got a few second glances and many more sneaky ones from behind darkened sunglasses. The genius of sailing the Whitsunday Islands? It’s great sunny weather often causes your attractive skipper to get a bit hot and need to remove his t-shirt periodically. The Adventurer kindly throws this kind of entertainment in for free. These guys know how to look after you.

Once you’ve settled into your cabin and got a feel for what you are in for you are out on the water, no hanging around, your swimmers are on and you are lying at the front of The Adventurer getting sun-kissed and reminding yourself that yes you do deserve this. The Whitsunday islands pass by either side of you and to be honest I can’t really tell you much more as I think I must have blissed out for a few hours.

the adventurer whitsundays sailing trip

Around 4pm we arrived at a snorkel spot and clad with stinger suits (even these are really good, the comfortable kind, not the far too tight or far too loose kind), fins and masks, you jump in and swim face first into a jellyfish. So that was just me and credit to the boyfriend for pointing it out. In most other circumstances it is perfectly acceptable to swim towards something pretty. Unlike many a snorkel trip you are not rushed at all, you are free to spend as little or as long as you wish in the water amongst the coral and the fish.

“… I could actually write a complete article on just how good this afternoon snack was…”

Getting back out of the water you are greeted with coffee (sounds tough doesn’t it?) and the option to sit in the spa pool if you fancy it before your afternoon snack is served up. I could actually write a complete article on just how good this afternoon snack was and may have to go and dream about it now. Cheese, crackers, sausage, carrot and celery sticks, dips, ahh the list goes on. Why not make yourself a gin and tonic to accompany it (the boat is BYO alcohol).

Drinks watching the sunset is standard and your home cooked dinner and dessert is very welcome before descending into your cabin to perhaps watch a dvd before bed. It’s an early start the next morning but it doesn’t feel like it, Coffee and breakfast are amazing as ever and it’s off the boat to crappy beach. I think it’s actually called Tongue Beach but has earned itself a reputation which is arguably a little unfair considering the beach shares an island with Whitehaven beach and it would be pointless to even try to compete. A gentle walk through the rainforest on the Ngaro Beach walk you head to the lookout and are faced with what can only be described as paradise. Whitehaven beach basks in the sun and reminds you just why you decided to come to Australia and the Whitsunday Islands. The best bit is that for the next few hours you relax on the beach and swim in the crystal clear waters.

whitsundays sign

“The host and skippers enthusiasm for their “office” is infectious.”

It’s a little difficult to accept that you must get back onto the boat but when a very excited skipper picks you up excitedly telling you that a dugong is swimming close to the boat, you are there in a shot. It’s not everyday you get the chance to witness Australian wildlife in its natural habitat.

A few more hours of sailing on The Adventurer and cruising through the waters pass and we arrived at Mantaray Bay for some more snorkelling, or diving if you wish. Home to some very large and famous fish this is an excellent spot to explore and you will find yourself surrounded by fish at some point. One of the unique aspects of this trip is that our host went through many of the fish that you might spot the night before, enhancing the experience by allowing you to be more aware and spotting things you might not otherwise. The host and skippers enthusiasm for their ‘office’ is infectious.

snorkelling whitsundays

The second night we moored up The Adventurer opposite the Whitehaven resort, home to the famous and revoltingly rich. Ok so it was quite a distance away but it was still opposite. Another wonderfully relaxing evening with excellent food. Day three arrived for an awesome morning of sailing our way back to the marina. Without a doubt there was nobody who wanted to get off the boat and most of us were quite desperate to have CJ and Eviar come and live with us forever.

Would I go again? In a shot. The Adventurer offers that escape with the luxury of space. The boat isn’t overcrowded and you are looked after beyond anything you can expect. Although it all sounds very posh and upmarket The Adventurer has it’s name for a reason. It’s perfect for those people from all walks of life looking for something a little different and unique with a healthy dose of adventure. Whitsunday Sailing Adventures got it absolutely right with The Adventurer!

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