The nudist revolution! It’s everywhere, articles about the top 10 nudist beaches around the world and even top 10 nudist beaches within each individual country, there was even talk of a nudist cruise. I applaud it, I just can’t do it myself, I am 100% British and it isn’t in my genetic make-up, I’m sorry.

However, I find it both fascinating and awesome that more and more people are stripping for more and more reasons. So, ignoring the obvious naked activity that most people will happily adhere to and also the mass of naked, drunk backpackers, here are 5 things that you can do in New Zealand absolutely naked (legally!).

Before taking part in any of these naked activities it may be worth reading What not to do on a nudist beach – these tips pretty much apply to anywhere you’re hanging around naked people!

1. Ride a Bike

The annual World Naked Bike Ride returns to campaign for safety and environmental causes. March 3rd at Takaka in Golden Bay and March 11th on the Otago Rail Trail. Giving voice to the dangers bike riders and pedestrians face whilst on the roads but mainly promoting the damages we face due to our dependence on non-renewable energy, this bike ride knows full well that when you mix many a bike with many a naked body you are guaranteed to get someone’s attention. So if you feel motivated to do your bit for the environment and secretly like the idea of stripping off (and don’t mind causing your betty some severe bruising), then sign up!

“The World naked Bike Ride is a protest against our ‘indecent exposure to car emmisions’.” –

world naked bike ride
Image By AnemoneProjectors (World Naked Bike Ride – London 2009) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Naked Rugby

You do have to be on the team in order to do this but each year the Dunedin Nude Rugby Tournament takes place in New Zealand’s University capital Dunedin. 2 teams of sevens go head to head (no pun intended) in a rugby match wearing absolutely nothing. The event usually takes place in June every year although there have been a few years it wasn’t able to go ahead. Stay tuned and hopefully this event will go ahead this year too.

3. Play Golf

This year the Wairau Valley Golf Club in Marlborough will play host to the Nude Golf International. Located not far from Wai-natur Naturist Park, many clubs will be swinging on 25th February 2018 for the Nude Golf International. If you like being naked, then head to the nude golf tournament and follow it up with the World Naked Bike Ride the weekend after.

4. Hit the Beach

Nudist beaches are popular all over the world now and New Zealand is no different, in fact you will be amazed how many nudist or clothing optional beaches there are in New Zealand. 5 of the most popular include Ladies Bay, Uretiti Beach, Pohutukawa Beach, Papamoa Beach and Breaker Bay, all of which can be found in the North Island (I’m guessing for reasons of weather purposes). In the South Island, for a bit of skinny-dipping action try Waikuk Beach.

naked people
By Cataloni (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Click at your own risk, original image has not been censored!

5. Bungy Jump

So can you really bungy jump naked in New Zealand? Yes! Talk about pain in the first degree, but if it’s good enough for Billy Connolly… What a god. Never in my lifetime would I do a bungy jump let alone strip off before I do it but I commend anyone who does and would be quite happy to watch. Amazingly though, you don’t hear much about how people feel after the naked bungy jump so I can only assume that certain parts take quite a battering. There are a number of locations in New Zealand to Bungy Jump, including the highest of them all – the Nevis Bungy. So why not give it a whirl?

If we are honest there is a naked activity here that we could all do, whether it’s simply a drunken skinny-dipping session with that hot backpacker that just arrived in town, or a brazen strip and jump of a bridge. Either way, these are just 5 things you can do naked in New Zealand, there are plenty more around. I think the only things left to say is ‘Get your kit off’! (obviously in the legal, non-offensive way).

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