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12 Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

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If you’re looking to earn a bit of cash when travelling then you probably don’t want a normal, boring 9-5 job, so check out the 12 best jobs for people who love to travel. Of course you probably want to make sure you have a valid working holiday visa before your job hunt!

1. Teach English

Luckily, the ability to speak English is a much sought after skill in many countries around the world. Jobs are endless and certifications are cheap and easy to get your hands on. Not only is it rewarding in itself, teaching English in a school or orphanage is a fantastic way to meet the locals and really immerse yourself in the culture.

2. Become a Tour Guide

If you have an outgoing personality and an ability to connect with a diverse group of people from different cultural and geographical backgrounds – then tour guiding may be the job for you! Tour companies are always looking for new guides that can speak English (and sometimes a secondary language) to look after and lead tour groups. Certifications such as First Aid are usually a pre-requisite, but are cheap and quick to acquire. Not only do you get PAID to see some of the world’s most amazing tourist destinations – but you also get to make new friends from across the globe on a daily basis (you’ll never have to pay for accommodation again)!

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3. Work as an Au Pair

If you love children – this is the perfect job for you! Believe it or not there is a huge network of international Au Pair companies out there that provide support for those looking for worldwide Au Pair work. Usually the families that tend to hire Au Pairs are quite ‘well off,’ which means a nice house to stay in, yummy home cooked meals and a ‘second family’ to show you around the new city.

4. Bar Work

If you have experience in making coffees or bartending – then your chances of scoring a job overseas are pretty high. Many places in the world are desperate for hospitality workers during peak season. Take our tip – get in before the season starts, keep an updated resume with references and check what local certificates or visas are needed in your intended destination. The more well known holiday destinations you work in (or name drops you can add to your CV) – the better!

5. Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor

How does drifting from season to season sound? Japan, Queenstown, Canada, The Alps? If you love the snow – this is the ideal job for you! It can be both expensive and hard work to get the required qualifications but it is well worth it! The profession is quite cliquey at times so prepare to start at the very bottom, work your way through the competition and after your first year abroad you will realise just how small the snow junkie community is! Many resorts will welcome you back year after year and recommend you to other resorts in different locations.

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6. Scuba Dive Instructor

Scuba Diving can also be quite a competitive profession to get into – but if you are willing to put in the hard work, networking and sometimes – voluntary internships (in AMAZING remote locations) then it will soon pay off! Not only do you get to scuba dive every day and meet travellers from across the globe – the money can be great! Think Thailand, the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, Indonesia, Costa Rica – eek! The list goes on…

7. Flight Attendant

Ok this one is a given. Flight Attendants won’t deny that this job is hard work – but well worth the perks! Stopovers in London, L.A, Berlin – plus discounted tickets!

8. Learn to Sail

Yachties have very physically challenging professions – but what better way to spend your working day than sailing from country to country onboard a multimillion dollar yacht? Although demanding – the money can be great and the life… glorious! Of course you could become a hostie on one of the many boats that visits the Great Barrier Reef every day, now that’s an office.

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9. Travel Agent

Travel Agents have some of the best working perks around! Cheap flights, free tours and discounted accommodation worldwide. Oh and a plus? You don’t have to go to university! Although studying tourism at college is a fantastic gateway into the industry, do not overlook your life experience. Many agencies would prefer to hire those that have travelled than those with a certificate.

10. Hairdressing

Believe it or not hairdressing can be a great way to make some extra cash on your travels. Australia for example, is begging for hairdressers! Not only can you pick up a short term job at a hairdresser – but you can also charge cheap rates to backpackers to cut hair and colour as you travel from hostel to hostel.

11. Website (anything)

Travel blogging, photography, website design, social media – as technology takes hold it has become very easy for freelancers to work abroad. All you need? A laptop! Good with a camera? Don’t be afraid to contact tour companies or hostels and offer your expertise in exchange for a free experience or discounted rate.

12. Teach Yoga or Dancing

If you have a passion – take it to the world! There are many schools and gyms across the globe that hire temporary Yoga instructors or Dance teachers. Our tip? Get in contact with Cruise Ship companies that may be looking for a staff – that way you get to work whilst travelling from port to port! Or contact The Arts Factory Lodge in Byron Bay to see if they’re looking for anyone for their classes and workshops.

Bonus Job Idea – Busking!

If you have a talent then make use of it. We might even get you playing at one of the hostels in our network.

Whatever kind of job you’re looking for while working abroad check out https://workingholiday.co/ for job-hunting tips, advice, stories and job vacancies (Australia & New Zealand vacancies only at the moment).

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  1. Firstly,I want to Thank you and wish you a Happy New year.I am looking for a job which includes traveling, learning,exploring, literature and observing human behaviour (although I am an engineer).Could you give some valuable time of yours, Please ☺? And one more thing I am not good in talking with people but I want to talk and live.Please,could you suggest a job?

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