Skydive Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka is known by some as a top place to skydive in Australia and New Zealand so if you are looking to Skydive during your stay in New Zealand then keep Skydive Lake Wanaka in mind. Wanaka is a tiny little place in New Zealand's South Island made famous for its location. By sheer luck Wanaka is surrounded by natural beauty, flanked by vast lakes and towering mountains.

The drive through to Wanaka should either persuade you to jump or give you peace of mind that you chose an awesome place to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving. Wanaka in itself clearly doesn't want to be stuck on land, it's all about getting up into the clouds and seeing the area from above, there is simply no other way to experience Wanaka and the surroundings.

Skydive Lake Wanaka

Skydive Lake Wanaka is a slick and sophisticated operation and they sure know how to keep it stylish. The office is fully equipped with flat screen tvs and dvd players for you to watch your skydive at your leisure as well as computers and internet for you to email home or update your facebook status with your awesome news. The only not so stylish aspect is the jumpsuit but until anyone can show me a slick and sophisticated jumpsuit I don't think it really matters.

"The plane ride itself is worth the money..."

Skydive Lake Wanaka are fully aware that the nerves may kick in whilst your getting ready so they do their best to get you up in that plane without too much time to have to think about it. The plane ride in itself is worth the money. Seriously the scenery alone seels this plane ride. On an awesome day the views extend as far as Mt Aspiring, Mt Cook and the passage direct to the delectable Queenstown.

However the view on a not so great day consists of simply the stunning Lake Wanaka, Lake Hawea, the patchwork farmland and the mountains surrounding the area. In short, skydiving Lake Wanaka is like skydiving New Zealand, pretty much all the best bits are condensed in to one place to give you the best New Zealand has to offer. Skydive Lake Wanaka was my 4th Skydive and it took my breath away. The icing on the cake? You can jump from 15,000ft giving you plenty of time to enjoy the views.

If this is going to be your first skydive then you will be choosing to start off with one of the best but if you've already done a skydive before and aren't sure whether to do anyother one or not, then Skydive Lake Wanaka will change your mind. The guys will turn it up a notch, maybe back flip you out the plane and throw in a few spins giving you the perfect mix of adrenaline pumping excitement with New Zealand's spectacular scenery.

If you are thinking of skydiving in New Zealand's awesome South Island then make the time to checkout Skydive Lake Wanaka for the highest skydive with the best views skydive money can buy and remember that all your family and friends at home to see a dvd with something spectacular to alongside the personalised soundtrack of screaming.


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