Frenzi Bar Crawl Auckland Photographer…

3 weeks ago the guys from Frenzi Bar crawl Auckland asked me to be the photographer for THE party that takes place every Thursday in Auckland. This means that I will be ‘working’ (checking how you guys are partying hard!) more hours a week than I am at the moment (because I also work at Nomads Auckland).

I thought both ‘jobs’ would be way too much work for me because I can be very lazy, however I know the Frenzi Bar crawl guys really well and didn’t want to let them down. Also because they are pretty cool guys (yea they honestly are) I thought this could be an interesting and fun experience so I decided to say YES! (this almost sounds like someone is proposing to me, but I was just so excited that I couldn’t wait to become part of another great crew in Auckland city).

I completely forgot that a photographer these days needs to handle a ‘difficult’ but modern camera. My first meeting with the camera was very nice, well to be honest I was thinking to myself: ‘what the hell do I do with this thing?’. To get to know my new buddy better I decided to take photos at The Camel Bar, where the Bar Crawl starts every Thursday. At first I was hesitant but when I took my first photo it felt like I was a famous photographer that took photos for a living haha can you believe it? I can… well almost! Anyway, then it became serious: bar crawl time!

You can’t miss out on this Auckland bar crawl, every Thursday night in our big little city. Lots of people sign up, and if you sign up at the Mad Travel Shop on Fort Street you even get an extra shot for free!! I will run after you with my big ass awesome camera and try to take the best photos possible, as I am almost a professional now! During the Frenzi bar crawl it’s not only photos of you guys dancing, or just being drunk and acting like completely idiots, (no offence), I also take photos of the ‘activities’ that take place as you can win some awesome prizes! How cool is that winning prizes by basically acting like a retard? Oh well you guys are having a blast and I am having lots of fun because I can take photos and laugh because of these great shots thanks to you guys!

Don’t forget about the rest of the Frenzi crew during the bar crawl, you will hear Charlie singing songs like ‘hey baby oe ah I wanna know if you be my girl’ and hear CK screaming to all you guys so you won’t get lost!

I know that bar crawls are quite common as they take place in almost each city in the world but this one is just awesome. It is cool to get to know people, get to know the city, get to know the best bars, have a great night but most of all create great memories that you will never ever forget. You know why you will never forget these? Because me, the photographer, is making sure that everything is on camera!