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24 November 2009

How to run a backpackers hostel | Australasian backpackers business Nomads opens up its intellectual property to share with the industry

Nomads, Australasia's premium Backpacking and flashpacking accommodation network, have just launched a website which exposes their business practices to everyone within the travel and tourism industry.

The website is a free resource for anyone who is thinking about how to run a backpackers hostel, or anyone currently within the tourism and hospitality sector who wishes to gain further knowledge to help improve their general business practices.

Nomads has been in the tourism business for over 20 years and although the backpacker and youth travel adventure tourism market is highly competitive Nomads aim is to help improve the backpacking sector by sharing its operational processes and procedures.

Shannon Smith, Nomads New Zealand operations manager said "the aim of opening access to our systems and streamlined procedures is to help free up the time of the owner / manager. If this time is then spent on concentrating on customers, growing their business and lifting the standards within our sector then our hope is that the perception of backpacking as an option for travelling will only improve. ...this is good for all.

The continued work to professionalise our sector and attract more support from government tourism bodies is also another driving force of this initiative."

"From a traditional business point of view this is a pretty radical idea however, Nomads is very excited to be able to share our business practices. We hope that business owners will find the content valuable and that Nomads as a group will get strong brand exposure though this initiative"

The aim is for the backpacking sector of the travel and tourism industry to collaborate and work together so that backpacking may become a viable option for travellers who may not have considered backpackers hostels as a place to stay before.

Nomads will be regularly blogging their operational procedures, checklists, HR procedures, marketing ideas and even their opinion on the industry as a whole.

About Nomads - Nomads represent a network of 35 backpackers hostels around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji all catering to budget and adventure travelers. A variety of Arrival Packages, Adventure Packages, and Working Holiday packages complete the wide scope of products available to customers and agents.

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