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20 November 2009

Nomads launches New Mad Travel Destination Guide

Nomads, a name that has been around for the past 10 years, now represents even more to the traveller. Nomads offers backpacker accommodation, travel shops, and the Mad Backpacker Discount Card to travellers heading to Australia and New Zealand. Now they have launched a Mad Travel Destination Guide to give advice to travellers heading to Australasia starting with the New Zealand Destination Guide

The New Zealand Destination Guide offers Travel Advice for key New Zealand Destinations such as Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown, with trip and activity ideas, as well providing advice for good places to eat and drink in their destination of choice.

The Mad Travel Destination Guide will steadily evolve and grow as more New Zealand Destinations are added and also when the Australia Destination Guide is launched in the near future, followed by the Fiji Destination Guide. Backpackers and Travellers can also find useful information and checklists about required things to do before you go to your destination, such as how to apply for a travel visa or work permit and where to find more extensive visa advice as well as other information required before starting travelling.

About Nomads - Nomads represent a network of 35 backpackers hostels around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji all catering to budget and adventure travelers. A variety of Arrival Packages, Adventure Packages, and Working Holiday packages complete the wide scope of products available to customers and agents.

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