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Internships with Nomads

Ever thought about doing an internship with Nomads?

Speak to your University / College and see if an internship with Nomads is right for you. We regularly have interns who are studying tourism, leisure management or social media working with us...

Also check out http://abroad-internships.com/ for information about internships abroad.

Check out the videos below to see what previous interns working at Nomads thought of their internships and a bit about their daily duties.

Tessa, Fran and Marta worked at Nomads Auckland.

Tessa was a 4th year student from Han University studying for her Tourism Management Degree. She wrote her thesis on Social Media during her time in Auckland. Tessa worked 4 days a week in the office helping to oversee the Social Media profiles for Nomads and 1 day a week on reception. Tessa completed her degree and gained honours for her thesis. She is currently at Oxford Brooks University in the UK for further studies

Marta also spent most of her time in the office and a couple of days a week on the reception desk. Marta's main duties in the office were to oversee the social networking for Nomads Auckland but she also assisted the webmaster with several other duties including editing and publishing content on the website using basic html code and SEO techniques. Marta was in her 3rd year, studying Communication at Arnhem Business School. At the moment she is on her final year of studying and starting with writing her graduation thesis in September 2012 in the Netherlands.

Fran worked mainly on the Mad Travel Shop desk helping backpackers to book their New Zealand trip of a lifetime. Fran was a student at Saxion University studying...

The video above was made by Tessa, Marta and Fran... however they weren't the easiest interns to interview due to being a little camera shy and very giggly! Here's one of the out-takes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxWPGVEpQC4

Roy, Elaha and Michael all worked at Nomads Westend.

Shira completed her internship at Nomads Cairns.

If you think an internship might be right for you or you want to find out more, email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it