We have been working for Nomads for a total of about 8 years now which makes us kind of Nomadic veterans - although the late nights and mandatory jagerbombs that come with the job are definitely getting harder to recover from recently - and is it just us or are backpackers getting younger by the year and didn't we do it better back in our day?

Paul and Bee

We are currently managing the spectacular Nomads Cairns (just quietly - the best hostel out of all the Nomads) after working our way up the coast - starting in Paul's native Sydney at the inaugural Westend then moving on to Hervey Bay and the paradise that is Fraser Island (if you've not been there yet go now. Stop reading this and go immediately.)

The tropcial headwinds blew us even further north with our last move to Cairns (arriving on almost exactly the same day as the category 5 cyclone that rocked the region - I'm not sure which arrival the locals were more concerned about...) and we have not looked back since. Cairns is seriously one hell of a place and we loved it so much we adopted a dog, bought a house and had a baby (in that order) and plan to stay a while. Our baby boy Renner was born on the 2-2-14 and is the real boss in our family now. He is named after a little place in the NT where we met whilst backpacking years ago (when it was done properly) but that's a whole other story...

So come up and visit us sometime - it's way better up north (loudly affirmed by Bee who is originally from Blackpool, whose favourite colour is orange and who can be frequently heard sighing over the antics of the Seasiders).

Nomads flourish