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As much as it sucks, everyone loves to break the rules. I have no idea why but maybe it's just that bad boy feeling that you get. Most of you are well behaved and stick to the rules but factor in a bit of alcohol (or a lot in some cases) and people can become little rebels.

After living in a hostel for a few months now there seems to be a few rules that everyone breaks...

1 Noise Restrictions - People, for whatever reason, love to make noise and it's usually at stupid times in the middle of the night. During the daytime make as much noise as you want when running around by the pool or screaming when you make that winning shot during volleyball but during the night time remember that people are sleeping ready for their reef trips in the morning and probably don't want to hear about it when you come in from a drunken night out.


2 Dish Washing Fairy! - Some of you may be under the concept that when dishes and clothes are dirty a magic fairy comes and cleans them for you. Back home this may have been the case, but when travelling if you make it dirty you clean it. The amount of people I see sneaking their dirty dishes into the sink without washing them is amazing. There is no magic fairy just the hard working staff at the hostel you are staying at. So put on your fairy wings and become that magical dish washing fairy you have heard so much about.

3 Skinny dipping - Most places that have a pool will have strict opening and closing times for your safety but that doesn't stop people jumping the fence to enjoy the cool water. You backpackers sure do love to get your clothes off and go skinny dipping in the pool. This is something that everyone should do at least once in their lives as a bit of a joke, but make sure you find a mates pool and avoid getting in trouble jumping in pools you shouldn't. (Also, don't drink before doing this!)

4 Drinking alcohol - Due to licensing restrictions hostels with a bar will not allow you to drink your own alcohol on site. So for all you goon lovers out there you will need to find a new place to drink and head off site. But why not enjoy a great night in the hostel bar? Who knows you might even have fun... but for all you bad ass rule breakers you will miss out on a great night in the hostel bar and chances to meet some great people and win some awesome prizes in fun games and activities.

So although we know when living in hostels you are sometimes going to be naughty and break the rules make sure you stay safe, don't do anything too bad and finally make sure that it's worth the trouble you might get in to.