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Wellington Travel Guide

With a fairly young population (in fact over ¾ of the population is from the ages 15-65), this bustling city is the center of not only New Zealand politics, but also most of its culture and arts.

Wellington has a bohemian nature, which welcomes diversity and creativity. Located right at the southern tip of the North Island, it also serves as the hub for traffic between the North and South Islands. Whether you're in Wellington for only several days or for a slightly longer stay, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy during a visit to Wellington.


Even if the weather isn't quite perfect there's plenty of cool places to explore in Wellington. If you've visited the amazing Te Papa Museum already and want some 'culture' that's a little more interesting than the cinema then why not try one of the city's many amazing galleries. (We're very cultured here in New Zealands capital city!). Many of Wellingtons galleries are a short walk from Nomads Capital on Cuba Street so you don't even have to go far.



There is so much that can be said for Wellington. Fine dining, coffee culture and of course the overarching presence of Peter Jackson and his works are the usual go-to's when discussing New Zealand's capital city. But the guidebooks tend to gloss over what many consider to be the real charm of this cozy home from home; its music scene. The native tastes for reggae, rock and hip hop are apparent on every street corner, but Wellington's bars and clubs cater to lovers of all genre's, impressive enough for a city this size.



This week myself and a few friends attempted the walk up to the Mount Victoria look out in Wellington (or Mount Vic as it's known by the locals). I'll admit that we were a little bit unprepared and didn’t realise that it can be quite steep in some places. Luckily it was only a short walk, and it took us only about 40 minutes to reach the top.



Wellington is renowned for being the cultural and artistic hub of New Zealand and, given the relatively small population (for a capital city at least), there’s an astounding number of quality restaurants, cafés, bars, galleries, shops and theatres here. It is often said that there are more cafes and restaurants per capita than New York City. Now that either means NYC has a distinct lack of eateries (which there wasn't last time I looked!) or there are a bloody load of places to eat in Wellington!



Wellington has such a great and diverse range of bars to cater for everyone's needs! You can choose from karaoke bars, cocktail bars, craft bars and of course heaps of Irish bars where all the craic is! Here are my personal Top 5 bars in Wellington and ones that I think you should definitely check out when you visit New Zealands capital city.



Most people are in two minds about visiting a zoo and often have the attitude of “once you've seen one, you've seen them all'... some say that this is very WRONG! And that's certainly the case with Wellington Zoo, because Wellington Zoo is home to Mini Asia which is a $2m exhibition, showing the sun bears with Lions and tigers and bears!


Te Papa

Te Papa (translation; 'our place'), the National Museum of New Zealand is located in the city centre of Wellington. It is one of the must dos for the capital and as most museums in the country is free of entrance fees. Of course, donations are much appreciated and after spending some time in this building full of history, you may feel like contributing. Every little helps, said a wise man once!

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With all the hype leading up to The Hobbit world premiere, it's hard not to get caught up in all the excitement! Cue YouTube-ing the film trailer fifty times, scouring the shops for dress-up pointy ears, and booking onto Lord of The Rings tours to obtain as much trivia as possible; just to be ready for November 28th!


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