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Waitomo Travel Guide

Waitomo is known for it's tranquility, geology and impressive landscape. Add to this a range of fun-filled tourist attractions and you can understand why Waitomo Caves has become one of New Zealand's top tourist destinations. An excellent example of natural history, Waitomo is a rural escape from the cities and backpacker parties.

You actually cannot help but relax in Waitomo. The fresh air and surrounding scenery forces you to get out and explore the natural beauty of New Zealand that visitors always rave about.


If you are looking for something challenging to do, why not try your hand at caving in an underground cave with no light except for the light coming from the helmet on your head! Myself and a few friends were on the Kiwi Experience bus and our second stop was Waitomo, where the famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves are located. We headed to The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co. to choose our caving tour.



For not such an adventurous person, black water rafting is not the first thing I had in mind while visiting New Zealand. I didn't even have a clue of what Black Water Rafting is. From what the Mad Travel Shop guru at Nomads Auckland said, it is pure chilling in a cave. So I thought yeah, why not, I love chilling, and I can see glow worms as well, so I went and booked my first Black Water Rafting trip.


Waitomo is that tiny little place in New Zealand that really would get bypassed of it wasn't for those infamous caves, although for some the rabbit shearing is equally as important. Abseiling in the Waitomo Caves had been top of my to do list in New Zealand so I didn't need any persuasion to get crawling through holes, climbing rocks and abseiling down further into those caves to hang out with the glow worms.
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