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Rottnest Island Travel Guide

You can get to Rottnest Island from Perth but most go from Fremantle and the early morning ferry is worth hauling yourself out of bed for. The ferry takes around 25 mins to get to the Island and if you think you need to go in search of a Quokka you are mistaken. Within seconds of us stepping foot on the island we were greeted by the squirral/wallaby creature who calls Rottnest Island it's home.

If you think Rottnest Island is a remote idyllic island you would be half incorrect. It is idyllic but there are plenty of restaurants, a famous bakery and sadly even Subway have managed to find the island, so take your own picnic and find an isolated beach (easily done) to enjoy it on.

Quokka on Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island is a must-do in Western Australia. It is home to officially the cutest Australian wildlife ever, the Quokka and although the Quokka is a major draw to Rottnest Island, the beaches are world class and knock the socks off many of it's East Coast Australian rivals.

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