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Rotorua Travel Guide

Famous for smelling like egg, Rotorua's reputation precedes itself but everyone who visits always looks beyond the smell to appreciate Rotorua as one cool destination in New Zealand. Rotorua is a place of two extremes, you challenge yourself further than ever before with the adventure, adrenaline sports on offer and then channel your inner goddess by cleansing the soul and skin in one of either geothermal pools or natural mud pools.

Another natural phenomenon in New Zealand the geological history behind Rotorua adds to its charm, visitors to the area will find themselves walking amongst explosive geysers, dormant volcanoes and geothermal pools.

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The smell of rotten eggs penetrated my nostrils and after making about 7 blaming your neighbour for farting - jokes, the city of Rotorua welcomed me once again... Built on a hill and overlooking Lake Rotorua, Skyline Rotorua offers a variety of fun activities for the young and young-minded people - and we got to try them!



Just 15 minutes away from Rotorua you'll find Mourea, home to a number of small Maori communities. One of these communities has opened it's doors to the passengers of Stray Travel. Upon arriving in Mourea we were greeted by two members of the Maori family, they gave us a quick run-through of what would be happening that evening.



Most people visit Rotorua because of it's famous spas, hot pools and geysers (and for all the Maori culture you can experience there too), but did you know there is a Redwood forest located just five minutes from Rotorua city? If you love the oudoors then this area will be special for you.

The Whakarewarewa Forest is an important feature of the Rotorua landscape providing an exquisite backdrop to Rotorua city, it's also one of the movie locations for The Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter film.



It's not every day you get to see massive pools of mud exploding in front of your eyes... but that's exactly what I got to see when I visited Te Puia in Rotorua. "Te Puia is the premier Māori cultural centre in New Zealand - a place of gushing waters, steaming vents, boiling mud pools and spectacular geysers. Our Māori tradition lives on at Te Whakarewarewa, with our guided tours and attractions, our Māori culture, and our National Carving and Weaving Schools of New Zealand." - http://www.tepuia.com/



Last weekend it was time for our roadtrip to Rotorua! We left on Friday evening after work, so we were all a bit tired, but we were all very excited of course! We spent the first night in Taupo, but the next morning it was time for Rotorua! At first, we decided to just have a chilled and quiet evening and go to bed early. But Chris from Crash Palace asked us to go on the Saturday Night Pub Crawl and we could not say no to that!



The rush, the adrenaline, the occasional high that you get from the Earth's gravitational pull, the wind swishing and swashing at you face, the dropping feeling in your abdomen, the tears that roll from your eyes. All these feelings you can get while going downhill on a luge.

What's a luge you ask? A luge is basically a plastic go-kart with a handle bar that controls the speed, the going and stopping of the luge. It is fairly simple to operate... even a kid can do it.



I'm not a Lord of The Rings fan, so I kept asking myself why I was spending money to go and visit Hobbiton which is something I didn't think I'd enjoy. But I just like making people jealous, especially my folks who are big fans of the Lord of The Rings (LOTR). So I said to myself, "Why not? People do come here to New Zealand all the way to the other side of the world to only see places that were used during the filming of the incredibly popular movies." Next thing I know I was looking at this gorgeous landscape of Hobbiton.



The awesome thing about New Zealand is that nowhere is too far for an adventure, you can just hop in a car and let the open road consume you. When some of the guests here at Nomads Auckland invited me along for a mini adventure to Rotorua I was definitely keen.

Waking up with a severe hangover was definitely a rookie move but I powered on to the amusement of my fellow road trippers and we set off in our budget rental car on to the adventure capital of the North Island.


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