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For those who love the books and films of Lord of The Rings, I would highly recommend the full day tour, Trails of Middle Earth with Southern Lakes sightseeing. The day starts off with one of their guides picking you up from your accommodation in Queenstown (and they can pick you up right outside Nomads Queenstown too). Our guide for the day was called Bob, and he was perhaps the single most knowledgeable man I have ever met, in regards to the books and films of Lord of The Rings.

We started off by being introduced to the other people who were on the tour, Bob uses his unique humor to ensure everyone settles in easily and gets everyone chatting as you drive out to our first location of the day which is a short 20 minute drive out of Queenstown. Bob kept us entertained and talking all the way out.


After a short walk through the bush, we arrived at the location. Bob talked us through how the shots for the movie were filmed, again his knowledge of the films and the books is astounding but also his knowledge of the filming process and how certain scenes are filmed will impress you. Turns out more than one scene from the films were shot at this location, and it's interesting stuff for a movie buff like me to find out how they film each scene to look like a different place in the movie.

After we wrapped up at the mornings locations, we headed out to a cafe at The Remarkable park, under the gaze of the Remarkable Mountain Range, which were themselves used extensively throughout all the movies. There we ate a beautiful cold meat and cheese platter with fresh dips and breads. At lunch Bob brings out copies of the original production scripts to read and look through whilst you eat.

middle earth film props

After lunch we headed out to a couple more locations in and around the picturesque town of Arrowtown. Again Bob provided pictures of the movies to compare with the location and picking out entire locations and sets from the movie is easy with the props provided. After the final locations we headed out to Lake Hayes, to view and 'play' with the replica weapons from the films. Here you can feel and hold a number of weapons, including: Sting, Gimli's Helmet and axe, Aragorns Sword. Both the full size version and the sword that was broken as well as a number of others.

After everyone has had a good 'play' with all the weapons and taken all the photos they can, we jump back in the car and are dropped off back at our accommodation in Queenstown. What an excellent day out for any Lord of The Rings fan, a definite must for all.

I would just like to say a massive thanks to Bob and Southern Lakes Sightseeing for an awesome day out!

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Author: Nomads Queenstown.