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Queenstown Travel Guide

Set amidst the enchanting Wakatipu and the accurately named 'Remarkables' Mountain range, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was purely the scenery that made Queenstown menacingly encapulating, alas no; the spectacular scenery merely provides an outstanding backdrop for the wonders within (and an outstanding backdrop for a skydive!)


So leaving my hostel in Queenstown I wasn't really sure what to expect of this day... But I was feeling nervous! Upon arriving at the Canyon Swing office I was greeted with a warm smile and a wonderful light breakfast provided by the Shotover Canyon Swing staff. I was checked in and got a chance to meet some of the others that were about to be thrown off a cliff attached only by a rope and harness and swung at a high speed over a beautiful river running between through the Canyon.

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A few of the staff from Nomads Queenstown were lucky enough recently to be invited to visit The Fear Factory, Queenstown.

I have to say it was a fantasticly freaky time! If you love a good fright like I do then don't miss out on this new must-do activity in Queenstown!



If you know me, then you are already know that I am a baby, ask any one of my colleagues at Nomads Auckland and they'll tell you what a big baby I am. I back out of bungee jumps, cry on skywalks and shake violently anywhere high so the idea of paragliding in Queenstown with G-Force Queenstown was most certainly not on my radar! I am definitely not a true red blooded thrill seeker, I am however a trier...



What is the best spot to visit in Queenstown? My answer was, is and probably will always be: I can't tell... every place has something special and every place takes my breath away. I can tell you about Queenstown now but probably you won't believe everything that I am saying cause you might get the feeling that I want to get you here ASAP! You know what? That is so TRUE! I do want you to be here... and no not for myself but for you, so you can explore what I am exploring; the beauty of this place.



I often get asked the question about free things to do in Queenstown as you guys want to spend your money on accommodation. Walking tracks can be found around Queenstown, for example the Queenstown Hill track, but there is also a track which lets you explore Lake Wakatipu and offers beautiful spots to take photos and to relax.



The staff from Nomads Queenstown Backpackers Hostel were so lucky last week. They got the great opportunity to join the Luanda Experience. The Luanda Experience is Queenstown's only party lake cruise. They offer several trips per week and it's a blast! You can say it's a party boat where partying is really possible. They play music (have a great music list!), have a bbq and great staff on board!



Here at Nomads Queenstown we receive a lot of questions regarding transport from and to the airport. As Queenstown is small and Nomads Queenstown is situated in the middle of the centre, it is really easy to find the right transport.

The transport listed below are all good options that will bring you to our beautiful property:



We all know that Queenstown has a lot to offer. Many people know already before arriving what they want to do in this beautiful place. Different tours, activities and beautiful nature spots can be found. Something different is cool for a change and that can be found in different events in the area that take place every year during the summer period. Summer is amazing in New Zealand and especially in Queenstown where everybody is living the good life. Every year there are events which you can join for less money as most of us are here on a budget AND because it feels good to spend less money to something sweet :).