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frogz sledging queenstown

A lot of people have heard about white water rafting, but white water sledging is not as well known. In Queenstown you can do both! The water sledge was founded in the late 70's in France, some keen Frenchmen were floating downstream through the rapids, way up in the alps, lying on bags filled with life jackets and polystyrene. In 1981, the first sledge or ''Hydrospeed'' was designed and built and since then, sledging has become a recognized sport with competitions held every year.

The sledge these days is a sturdy plastic board that protects you from rocks. It has handles and elbow grooves and it's shaped to fit the body comfortably.

queenstown sledging

Frogz in Queenstown organize half day white water sledging adventures and take you to the highest volume of white water in Queenstown on the Kawarau River.

On the historic Kawarau River there is something for everyone: big fast flowing rapids, standing waves, whirlpools, and after that a ''relaxed'' session. Each trip is small and personalized, the Frogz Guides are really funny and have loads of experience. It's a good activity to do for your first river sledging experience and you will feel at one with nature.

The difference if you compare the Frogz sledging to the River surfing is that on the Frogz you use a real body surfing board, it's heavier, you are going faster and I recommend that you try this out first. The trips are a bit different and it's a very unique activity that you won't find everywhere.

To find out more come and see us at the Mad Travel Shop at Nomads Queenstown and we can advise you on the best trip to take. All you need is confidence in the water and basic swimming skills and you too can experience this fantastic activity on a beautiful river!

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Author: Nomads Queenstown.