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Queenstown Travel Guide

Set amidst the enchanting Wakatipu and the accurately named 'Remarkables' Mountain range, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was purely the scenery that made Queenstown menacingly encapulating, alas no; the spectacular scenery merely provides an outstanding backdrop for the wonders within (and an outstanding backdrop for a skydive!)

doubtful sound reflections

Planning to go to Milford Sound? Well why not take a moment to consider Doubtful Sound instead? Trips with Real Journeys depart from Queenstown daily and are a 13 hour round trip.

Fact alert! Captain James Cook discovered Doubtful Sound in 1770 and named it 'Doubtful Harbour' as he was unsure of whether he could sail into the inlet or not. It was later renamed as Doubtful Sound but it's actually a Fiord. Doubtful Sound is the second largest Fiord in Fiordland and the deepest at 421m.



Queenstown and Wanaka are famous for their Ski Fields which are open from Mid-June to Mid-October. Over the Winter Season, Queenstown is home to major events like the Winter Festival, Burton NZ Open and the Winter Games. There are 4 major ski fields within two hours of Queenstown.

In Queenstown there are numerous rental and transport companies that you can just walk into for all your clothing and gear rental. For season passes to the mountains, you need to purchase before April for the best deals.

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lotr smaugs

There are many Lord of the Rings tours you can take and I chose the mighty Nomad Safaris to lead us on our way. The Safari of the Scenes - Glenorchy tour takes you around the shores of Lake Wakatipu and towards Glenorchy and Paradise Valley (yes there is a town here called Paradise). As part of the tour you visit the movie locations for Isengard, the Ithilien Camp, Lothlorien forest and the battle of Amon Hen (and some locations where The Hobbit is being filmed too!)


12 Mile delta Ithilian Camp

For those who love the books and films of Lord of The Rings, I would highly recommend the full day tour, Trails of Middle Earth with Southern Lakes sightseeing. The day starts off with one of their guides picking you up from your accommodation in Queenstown (and they can pick you up right outside Nomads Queenstown too). Our guide for the day was called Bob, and he was perhaps the single most knowledgeable man I have ever met, in regards to the books and films of Lord of The Rings.


frogz sledging queenstown

A lot of people have heard about white water rafting, but white water sledging is not as well known. In Queenstown you can do both! The water sledge was founded in the late 70's in France, some keen Frenchmen were floating downstream through the rapids, way up in the alps, lying on bags filled with life jackets and polystyrene. In 1981, the first sledge or ''Hydrospeed'' was designed and built and since then, sledging has become a recognized sport with competitions held every year.


Hydro Attack

Are you ready to take on a 18ft shark? That is the question I had to ask myself and for the first time ever I have the fear and it's not from drinking!

Queenstown's newest activity and the only place in the world to offer a commercial tour in the seabreacher x. This is an 18 ft long mechanical shark powered by a 260 HP super charged engine! Reaching speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds.


lake wakatipu

So, it may not be valentines day, but there are still some young lovers in Queenstown looking for the ideal place to 'woo' their loved ones.

Now it is pretty easy to down a few pints, put on your beer goggles, and pick up a willing partner for the evening; however if you are looking for 'the one' or at least 'the one for a week long holiday romance', then read on for Nomads Queenstown's guide to romantic hotspots that we suggest you take your current eye candy to...

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Jumping out of a perfectly good airplane from 15,000ft is not something everyone would do, but for me it's something I have wanted to do for years, and I finally got the chance with Nzone skydive in Queenstown.

After calling for the morning weather check and finding out that my jump was going ahead, I signed my life away and headed out to the jump zone. The jump zone is a short 20 minutes drive from central Queenstown, at the base of the spectacular snow capped Remarkables mountain range.


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