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MAD Travel Guide - Inspiration For Adventurers!

Welcome to the MAD Travel Guide! Whether you are looking for travel planning advice or  need some inspiration for your next adrenaline-filled adventure, the MAD Travel Guide  is packed with essential information and unique articles on all the best travel destinations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. So dive in and get inspired!

Use the menu on the right to choose your country and city destination of choice. Our destination guides offer information about your destination and it's history, and is also packed with attractions and activity suggestions to suit all budgets.


Bored of the usual backpacker bars? Actually the backpacker bars that Sydney has to offer are quite good, however if you do want to try something different why not go and check out one of the most popular bars and nightclubs in Sydney... The Ivy?

Swap your flip-flops / thongs for high heels, your bungy t-shirt for a collared shirt, slap on the lippy and let down your hair and party with the young and trendy locals at The Ivy.



Although you may not have much money, or room in your backpack, almost everyone loves to shop and shopping in Cairns will not disappoint you. As well as all the markets in Cairns there are some places close to our hostel, Nomads Cairns,that are great to pick up those extra additions to your wardrobe.



Hobbiton... What a cute, idyllic and peaceful place. Have you been to Hobbiton yet? If the answer is "no", I hope you'll change your mind after you have read this.

I am actually not one of those crazy Lord of the Rings fans, who knows everything about the story and everything about all the characters and actors, however the trip to 'The Shire' was fascinating and I'll probably have to go and watch all the films now!



Queens Park Sydney, Sunday 2pm - Bouldering. Bouldering? What on earth is that I hear you ask...

Well it's basically rock climbing except you climb at a lower height and you don't have ropes! After looking for a ride to the park for over an hour I finally found my friend who was going there as well. We drove to Queens Park which took about 15 minutes to get there from central station, however it'll only take 30 minutes by bus and there are several different buses you can take from near Nomads Westend to get there. (I recommend the 378).



There are so many great things to be seen on Aucklands Waitemata Harbour. The best way to access them is in a high speed jet boat! The adrenaline is one of a kind, with all the 360 manoeuvres and wave riding and powerslides, you are all over the show. You are the guys having the most fun out on the water and at the same time you're getting up close to some of Auckland Citys landmarks. Can you find a better way to be spending an hour out of your day?



Surfing is a must do, no matter where in the world you are. Australia is the perfect place to learn how to surf it offers the sun and the pristine beaches as well as the perfect surf! The team at Mojo Surf and the perfect people to get you started – they know their stuff and they know how to have fun.

They offer many options on getting you out into the line up including day trips, weekend trips and journey’s between Sydney and Byron Bay.



This week myself and a few friends attempted the walk up to the Mount Victoria look out in Wellington (or Mount Vic as it's known by the locals). I'll admit that we were a little bit unprepared and didn’t realise that it can be quite steep in some places. Luckily it was only a short walk, and it took us only about 40 minutes to reach the top.


OneTreehill Auckland

Surely everyones heard of the many volcanos that surround the Auckland area. In total there are 48 volcanic cones to choose from and they are really worth visiting because they offer spectacular 360 degree views of the whole city. So which one should you visit if you're short on time? Anytime of the year is perfect to visit One Tree Hill. It's not far from Auckland City accommodation and once you conquer the half an hour walk to the top you will be impressed with the view and all of the facilities One Tree Hill has to offer.