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MAD Travel Guide - Inspiration For Adventurers!

Welcome to the MAD Travel Guide! Whether you are looking for travel planning advice or  need some inspiration for your next adrenaline-filled adventure, the MAD Travel Guide  is packed with essential information and unique articles on all the best travel destinations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. So dive in and get inspired!

Use the menu on the right to choose your country and city destination of choice. Our destination guides offer information about your destination and it's history, and is also packed with attractions and activity suggestions to suit all budgets.


Get sea sick? Can't stand the thought of sleeping on a boat, but don't want to miss out on the iconic Whitsundays? Then why not do a scenic flight?

This week we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to hop on a scenic flight with GSL Aviation and see the Whitsunday Islands from above!



I am sure you have heard of the legendary Frog N Toad bar crawl which rocks around Cairns every Wednesday night... well now we have something new and exciting happening every Monday. Organised by the same people as the Frog N Toad Nomads Cairns is proud to be part of the AMAZING Monday Mission...



Thinking of going on a Sydney harbour cruise to see the beautiful harbour, city skyline and most famous Sydney icons but not sure if you want to spend your continually decreasing supply of money? Well, I have the perfect solution to get you out on the harbour while not spending much more than you would on coffee and cake, $7.20 (each way) to be precise.



Ahhh the coast. A nice getaway spot for many people in Auckland, especially those who live or work in the city. If you are lucky enough to live up around the Orewa/Hibiscus Coast area then you will know that you have access to some of the nicest beaches not too far North of Auckland. Generally wherever you are in Auckland you are never too far to get to a beach.



Most of us are complaining about this chilly and pretty cold weather now that it's winter in New Zealand. However I have to say that I kinda like it, I like it a lot actually! Auckland is beautiful and is, with its surroundings, one of my favorite cities in New Zealand. Now that it is winter time, the Big Little City has opened something to entertain us during these colder days: The Aotea Square Ice Rink.



Have you always wanted to mix with the rich and famous? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to step back in time and shake the hands of historical icons?

Well my friends, you can turn your desires into reality here in Sydney at Madame Tussauds! That's right, you will never get an opportunity such as this to get your photo taken with so many of your idols (or someone else's) in one day as you will at Madame Tussauds.



There is so much that can be said for Wellington. Fine dining, coffee culture and of course the overarching presence of Peter Jackson and his works are the usual go-to's when discussing New Zealand's capital city. But the guidebooks tend to gloss over what many consider to be the real charm of this cozy home from home; its music scene. The native tastes for reggae, rock and hip hop are apparent on every street corner, but Wellington's bars and clubs cater to lovers of all genre's, impressive enough for a city this size.



I recently went on the first Mojo Snow trip of the season. A fun filled, action packed, you can sleep when your dead weekend extravaganza to Perisher ski resort in Jindabyne which is about a 5 to 6 hour drive from Sydney (or 7 hours from Melbourne). I had such an amazing experience I felt the need to share it with all you folks out there looking for something exciting to do in the Aussie winter, cause lets face it if you're going to be cold you may as well be in the snow having heaps of fun.