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Noosa Travel Guide

The beaches in Noosa are world class and when you don't fancy lazing about on one (unlikely) you can explore the surrounding rainforest and volcanic mountains of Glass House National Park and Great Sandy National Park. If you fancy combining the two, then Noosa can give you that aswell, just take a wander into Noosa National Park and find yourself an isolated beach for the afternoon.

With beaches comes watersports and Noosa is an optimum location to get in on the action allowing visitors to explore Noosa and its everglades by water rather than your average, boring walking or bus tours. That's the thing about Noosa, you really cannot call it boring. Noosa's personality shines through its activities, atmosphere, surroundings and lifestyle and is loved by just about everyone who visits.


The Noosa Festival of Surfing is one of the most popular annual events in Noosa, and why wouldn't it be with all those hunky surfer dudes hanging around town?! Even if you don't think you're into surfing this is one event that you should try and be in Noosa for. The festival has been running since the early '90's and since its humble beginnings has grown into a massive world renowned event.


noosa lookout sunset

When you're backpacking it is hard to shower the one you love in gifts and goodies, you're on a budget and budgets tend to cover things like two minute noodles, not diamonds and champagne! So what to do? You can't ignore her (trust me – that will not end well) but you don't want to look cheap either. So follow these tips and she'll think you're the greatest guy alive!

Sunset is now your best friend, it's free and happens everyday- yay! In Noosa we get some pretty amazing sunsets.

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Probably in each 'must see' top 5 of a backpacker is Fraser Island. But I’ve been there, and I hope to convince all of you to also spend 3 days/2 nights on Fraser Island and be one of roughly 500,000 visitors a year. The evening before you leave you get to know your tour guide (who drives the lead car) and the people who'll be doing the trip with you.



The Noosa Heads Coastal Walk which will take you from Noosa Main Beach to Sunshine Beach is 5.4km and so will take around 3 hours to complete, give or take a few minutes here or there. Give yourself plenty of time to do the walk because there are numerous photo opportunities along the way so it could take you much longer.



When you are in Noosa and you just want to do something else instead of going to the beautiful beaches or Noosa national park: Eumundi Markets is the place to be! Eumundi is a little town just outside of Noosa. The market is not too big, not too small; and has a great range of stuff to browse through, just perfect!



Did you know that Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and one of the most visited spots in Australia?

The sand is made from the same chemical compounds as Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands and it holds a number of world records for natural wonders as well!



A great way to spend your day while you're in Noosa is at the beautiful Buderim Forest. It is only a 30 to 40 minute drive from central Noosa to where you can find this beautiful forest and let's not forget its waterfalls! If you want to combine an intensive but at the same time, relaxed day, a trip to the Buderim Forest is perfect.



I had the amazing opportunity to go on one of Bike On Australia's adventures. Bike On Australia offers you a wide range of services like bike hire, bike education, school cycling camps, mountain bike adventure tours, cycling holidays, bicycle workshops, coaching and the list goes on... As I'm working at Nomads Noosa I went on one of Noosa's mountain bike adventure tours which was a whole lot of fun ;)


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