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Byron Bay Travel Guide

Byron Bay and beaches are like fish and chips to the Brits, one would not be the same without the other and Byron Bay has plenty of beaches to offer both its residents and visitors including: Main Beach, The Wreck (named after the shipwreck 200m out), Watego's,Clarke’s Beach, The Pass, Belongil, Suffolk Park and Broken Head.

When you have finished with the beach, wander through the town and absorb the bohemian lifestyle and chilled out atmosphere exhibited through unique boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants and artisans.

mullumbimby biggest little town australia

If you are staying in Byron Bay, there are some great things to do if you are in the mood to explore the area, one of these being to visit the 'biggest little town in Australia' - Mullumbimby!

Mullumbimby is just 20 minutes drive north from Byron Bay. Along with Byron Bay and Nimbin, Mullumbimby embraced a counter culture back in the 70's, but was very low key about it. Locally the town is known as Mullum. Back in the day, this town grew weed so potent it was known as Mullum Madness!



The first time I walked on the main beach in Byron Bay I felt so sorry for my friends back in (cold and wet) Holland. It was so amazing, I saw people everywhere with surfboards and tight wetsuits. I thought, if I really want to experience Byron Bay, I must become a surfer.

Since I am from Holland, I had never surfed before. We have plenty of beaches but no big waves and the water is brown coloured, so not very inviting...


Things to do in Byron Bay Lighthouse walk

There are plenty of fun things to do when you're staying in Byron Bay. And luckily a few of them are also free things to do in Byron Bay, how great is that? Here are just a few ideas for you for how you can spend your time in Byron Bay without breaking your budget (although, if you do have a bit of cash we've also listed a few fun things that cost a bit of money but are well worth considering)


skydive byron bay

Recently, myself and two other staff members from the Mad Travel shop at Nomads Arts Factory, ventured out to Tyagarah Airport at 7am, as we decided it was time to jump out of a plane and see Byron Bay from an amazing birds eye view.

We were all nervous and yet at the same time very excited. It was a last minute decision we made at The Arts Factory 20th birthday party... a place where the most outrageous decisions are usually made.



Byron Bay is home to some of the most spectacular waterfalls you have ever seen. But why are we drawn to the beauty of waterfalls? Well, they present a certain reassuring sense of order in a chaotic world of ever-present randomness. The order is evident when we see its graceful patterns or awesome geometric shape. When we see a natural waterfall flowing and mesmerizing us, we get the sense that things feel "right" and healthy. And of course what a great way to spend your day with mates.



Our lovely town Byron Bay is known for many things and one of them is definitely the live music. Australia's most easterly town is breathing arts; photography, painting, writing (among many others). But none of these are as obvious, when walking around town, as the art of music. If you walk along Johnson Street (Byron's main street) and don't come across at least 5 street musicians at any time of the day, then you must check for any signs of human life because that would probably mean it's the end of the world already.



When in Byron Bay it's good to know how to get around easily. After my first week in Byron Bay I can honestly say that the easiest way to get around is by foot. But for the ones who want to get around quickly or want to cross (relatively) big distances in the Byron Bay area, the best option is the bike. And no, I don't mean a Harley Davidson bike, but the more reliable bicycle.



If you are seeking a little change of pace and scenery from the sometimes frantic and cosmopolitan Byron Bay, somewhere else to consider visiting is the little town called Brunswick Heads. It is just an approx. 20 minute / 20 km drive north of Byron Bay (or you can catch the local public bus; called 'Blanches', see your in-house travel desk for a bus timetable.)


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