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Auckland Travel Guide

Auckland is the social and commercial capital of New Zealand, not to mention the most populated. Auckland sits at the top of the North Island and is surrounded by harbours, volcanoes and a gulf of islands.

It has a refreshingly relaxed and sociable atmosphere and is serviced by a good public transport system. As far as Auckland nightlife goes, there is something going on every night of the week.

In terms of sight seeing, there is a lot to see and do in the centre but it is also easy to escape the hub of the city centre and find beaches, volcanoes and islands that would not be found amidst your average city.


A lot is made of Sydney, Auckland and their rivalry. Sydney certainly win's when it comes to the bridge and Opera house, just saying. However Auckland does have many redeeming qualities including some great spots for surfing. (I really didn't think you'd be able to surf near Auckland, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived here).


shearing sheep

One of the newest stops of the Kiwi Experience bus on the way to the Bay of Islands is Sheep World. At Sheep World they have embraced the concept of product diversification and instead of being just another farm they offer travelers the opportunity to experience the farm life. One of the things you get to see when you visit is the art of sheep shearing. As we all sat down on the wooden benches the owner brought a sheep from the back onto the stage and started to explain to us how to shear a sheep.



Unsure what to do with a day in Auckland? There are many options such as our own awesome free walking tour, but sometimes, just sometimes you can't be assed to walk? That's fair enough, it's a big city, lots to see, so why not jump on Stray's Free City Day Tour. There must be a catch right, a free bus tour... come on... But no, no catch, Stray Travel are just pretty damn awesome that's all.



Did you know there are 25 regional parks near Auckland? Visiting these parks can bring you a special experience and help you to get to know more about local stuff and the NZ culture. If you are a person who likes to travel like a local, you won't want to miss these.

I went to Duder Regional Park which is located in east Auckland. It takes about 50 minutes to drive there from Auckland city. Follow the SH1 south and take the Manurewa Hill Road and Botanic Gardens exit, get through Clevedon town, then you will arrive at the Duder Regional Park.



The Parnell Rose Garden is really close to Auckland CBD. To get to the Rose Garden it takes around 10 minutes to walk from Britomart. It is also known as Dove-Myer Robinson Park, this name came from the popular and longest serving mayor in Auckland, he was Mayor for 18 years from 1959 to 1980!

The other day, I decided to walk to the Parnell Rose Garden because I'd heard that there are over 5000 rose bushes there!



Parks are the destination of choice when you’re up for a relaxing day and to breath nice fresh air and the smell of trees and flowers. As I go for the big, I chose the biggest and oldest park in Auckland City and took the green inner link bus from Britomart, which is only 5 minutes walk from Nomads Auckland, to Auckland Domain. About 15 minutes of staring at the roads the bus driver told me that we'd arrived at the Auckland Museum stop, which is located in Auckland Domain, and he told me that it is just a minute walk from the bus stop.



In the west of Auckland, there is a fabulous area which includes lots of different beautiful views. It takes just about one hour drive from Auckland city to get to Lake Wainamu. The Wainamu lake area really did make me feel like I was stepping into paradise. In this region, you can explore what seems like a desert (seriously there's a huge sandy area), the lake, a huge waterfall and some smaller waterfalls, forest and beach. The famous Piha beach is also in this area. 



When most people come to Auckland they tend to stay around the city itself and do a city tour, choosing some traditional tourist places to visit like One Tree Hill, Mt Eden, the Auckland Skytower and Auckland Museum. Don't get me wrong, all these places are well worth a visit but there are lots of places around the outskirts of Auckland that have fabulous views and they're really worth visiting too.


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