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MAD Travel Guide - Inspiration For Adventurers!

Welcome to the MAD Travel Guide! Whether you are looking for travel planning advice or  need some inspiration for your next adrenaline-filled adventure, the MAD Travel Guide  is packed with essential information and unique articles on all the best travel destinations in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. So dive in and get inspired!

Use the menu on the right to choose your country and city destination of choice. Our destination guides offer information about your destination and it's history, and is also packed with attractions and activity suggestions to suit all budgets.

sunset 12 apostles

Tour or car, tour or car? That is the big question when you visit Melbourne and want to see the Great Ocean Road.

At Nomads Melbourne I met another Dutchie in the Laundry room. We decided to treat ourselves to a tour instead of hiring a car and having to drive ourselves. Besides that, I am also a big fan of absorbing information so I sat at the front of the tour bus so I could ask the tour guide whatever I wanted, GREAT!


12 Mile delta Ithilian Camp

For those who love the books and films of Lord of The Rings, I would highly recommend the full day tour, Trails of Middle Earth with Southern Lakes sightseeing. The day starts off with one of their guides picking you up from your accommodation in Queenstown (and they can pick you up right outside Nomads Queenstown too). Our guide for the day was called Bob, and he was perhaps the single most knowledgeable man I have ever met, in regards to the books and films of Lord of The Rings.


robo tour airlie beach

I thought I would never be able to walk again... after experiencing life on a mini segway, why would I even want to? Last week, us girls here at Nomads Airlie Beach tested out the brand new ROBO tour offered by Fun Rentals in the heart of sunny Airlie Beach. Being somewhat of a late-rising town (with locals and backpackers alike sporting hangovers most days of the week), we opted for the afternoon ride. The two hour tour goes down to the Port of Airlie Marina and back again, and includes a drink when you stop at Denmans Cellars for a half time.


Westfield Doncaster

Melbourne is a shopper's paradise! Being from LA I appreciate a good mall when I find one and Melbourne has an abundance of them. This is the first city I have been to in Australia where I have found outlet malls; I love a good deal. To start with, just up the road from us here at Nomads All Nations, is Spencer Outlets in Southern Cross Station. You can't beat sandals from Factorie for $2!



A lot is made of Sydney, Auckland and their rivalry. Sydney certainly win's when it comes to the bridge and Opera house, just saying. However Auckland does have many redeeming qualities including some great spots for surfing. (I really didn't think you'd be able to surf near Auckland, so I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived here).



The Noosa Festival of Surfing is one of the most popular annual events in Noosa, and why wouldn't it be with all those hunky surfer dudes hanging around town?! Even if you don't think you're into surfing this is one event that you should try and be in Noosa for. The festival has been running since the early '90's and since its humble beginnings has grown into a massive world renowned event.



Cairns is notorious for its hot weather and people are constantly looking for ways to cool down in the summer sun. Jumping in the lagoon or your hostels swimming pool might not cut it on some days, so why not try something exciting, but at the same time very refreshing! White Water Rafting is a very popular activity in Cairns but the choppy water and adrenaline packed day is not for everyone, maybe you are looking for something a bit more chilled out. If this is the kind of day you're looking for then maybe a tubing trip on the Behana River is the way forward.

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noosa lookout sunset

When you're backpacking it is hard to shower the one you love in gifts and goodies, you're on a budget and budgets tend to cover things like two minute noodles, not diamonds and champagne! So what to do? You can't ignore her (trust me – that will not end well) but you don't want to look cheap either. So follow these tips and she'll think you're the greatest guy alive!

Sunset is now your best friend, it's free and happens everyday- yay! In Noosa we get some pretty amazing sunsets.

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