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If you're an employer wanting to advertise a position vacant please join here.

Why you should Join our Backpacker Jobs site

  • Get access to a huge range of jobs aimed specifically at backpackers and travellers
  • Find your dream backpacker jobs - work on a boat on The Great Barrier Reef or become a tour guide
  • Earn Good Money doing something you do well... Lot's of temping jobs available for skilled people
  • Travel around different parts of Australia and New Zealand, we have jobs available all over the place!


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Our job site is slightly different to normal job websites because the employers advertising here actually want backpackers and travellers to fill their available positions, the positions are backpacker jobs, whether that's fruitpicking*, administration work, labouring or something else.

Most job sites are looking for permanent workers who are either residents or citizens of that country so you can spend hours searching for a job and not find anything.

So if you're looking for a job and want your job search to be as painless as possible then you've come to the right place. Click here to join now


*if you do get yourself a fruitpicking job this normally means your work visa can be extended to a two year stay instead of just one!

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