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12 Jul

The mystery (and awesomeness) of beards


During my time at The Nomads Arts Factory I have witnessed, time after time, fresh faced clean shaven boys walk in and hairy bearded men of the world walk out. It must be something to do with the hippy lifestyle round here.

But what is it that makes a man grow a beard, is it purely just for fashion?

11 Jul

Life Changing Australia


For those who have visited Australia already you may have noticed that life is very different 'down under'. The weather is always hot (well in the tropics it is anyway), the fashion is different, there are heaps of unique animals and people are just so laidback. With all these amazing factors Australia is the sort of country that will change you. Working at Nomads Cairns I have met lots of people who have been in Australia for varying amounts of time. We are talking anything from 1 hour to 2 years. Your travels to Australia can leave a lasting memory for ever more in the following ways...

09 Jul

NZ's best mobile network for backpackers


Now there are few main mobile providers throughout New Zealand - Telecom (Skinny Mobile), Vodafone and the more recent 2 Degrees. How are you to choose right off the bat which one is the best for you? Whether you are here for just a month or a few weeks, to upwards of a whole year, there is a mobile network out there that will fit all of your needs! The trick is to be asking the right questions.

08 Jul

Common misconceptions - NZ vs AUS


People often make the mistake of comparing our beloved New Zealand with our mates across the ditch - there are some very common misconceptions about NZ and AUS. "How's Australia?", I'm asked, "Don't know, I'm still in New Zealand", "Same thing". NO! No it's not the same thing...

Now don't get me wrong, Australia is amazing, The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, the list goes on of amazing places, and it really is just that, amazing, but it's not New Zealand.

05 Jul

What is, and how to avoid, jetlag


Jetlag is something we, those of us who work in backpackers hostels, see people experiencing a lot. They arrive after a long flight from the other side of the world and then we sometimes don't see them for the days because they nap when we're awake (or walk around like zombies during the day not capable of talking to anyone), when they should be getting to know new friends. But what is exactly is jet lag and what can you do to avoid it?

05 Jul

How to pack for travelling


You have made the decision to go travelling, paid and booked your ticket, organised all your flights and planned your travel route. Your visa has been approved but believe it or not all that stuff is the easy part. The next step is to pack your suitcase, but what on earth do you pack? This is where it gets tough, especially for the ladies amongst you!

04 Jul

3 annoying things backpackers don't expect


There are indeed lots of annoying things you will encounter on your travels. You set off on your journey with a budget in place and a fair idea of where you are going and what you want to see and do. However there are always those few unforeseen things that creep into your travel plans and make for a bit of a road block. So here are a few things to mentally prepare for!!

03 Jul

Long Haul flights, mistakes I've made


Long Haul flights are never fun. Everyone knows that 34 hours worth of flying across the globe is extreme, but getting to go to either a country you've never been to before or even home for a visit, has to be worth the hassle right? But how do you prepare yourself for such extreme travelling and such ridiculously long haul flights? You pack the essentials and prepare yourself of course!

01 Jul

5 essential travel apps


No doubt that there are a lot of things involved in the process of planning, booking and implementing your desire to travel, into reality. Luckily nowadays we live in a very advanced world, the recent explosion of "apps" have created an easier way of being able to carry out everyday tasks and decisions. Here I have listed my top 5 essential travel apps that will make planning your trip a lot easier.

01 Jul

Bad Ass Rule Breaking


As much as it sucks, everyone loves to break the rules. I have no idea why but maybe it's just that bad boy feeling that you get. Most of you are well behaved and stick to the rules but factor in a bit of alcohol (or a lot in some cases) and people can become little rebels.

After living in a hostel for a few months now there seems to be a few rules that everyone breaks...