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06 Aug

Breaking habits - What I don't miss!


People travel for all sorts of different reasons but one reason is to break the usual routine of living at home. It is very easy to fall in the trap of doing the same thing every day and night and sticking to the usual habits. The best way to break these habits is to get out of the usual routine by doing something totally different. What better way to do that than to go travelling...

05 Aug

Oven Free Desserts while traveling


What is the one thing you miss while on the road that you won't find at most hostels? If you're a foodie who loves to cook or bake then that would be an oven! And just because you're traveling, doesn't mean you have to totally go without. So how do we survive on the road without these nifty appliances to help aid our fabulous cooking and deliver extraordinary and impressive dishes that will impress our fellow travelers?

02 Aug

PK's Jungle Village Cape Tribulation

PK's Jungle Village

We welcome Pk's Jungle Village to the Nomads network!

Cape Tribulation is a spectacular example of Australia's natural heritage with long isolated stretches of beach and lush rainforest covered mountains in the background. At PK's Jungle Village we have air conditioned rooms, a fully licensed bar, restaurant, fully equipped kitchen, laundry and IGA Supermarket and all just a 2 minute stroll away through lush rainforest to Myall Beach.

01 Aug

Pro’s and Con’s of staying in one place for a long time


When travelling around Australia you will undoubtedly like some places better than others. Everyone will have that one stand out place they loved more than anywhere and it can be influenced by a number of factors. When making plans you will schedule in certain time for certain places but this can easily be changed. I have been in Cairns for a while now, I absolutely love it and could not imagine being anywhere else. When I tell people how long I have been here people are sometimes shocked and wonder how I have stayed in the same place for so long.

31 Jul

How to be prepared for an earthquake


It's become a bit of a hard realisation here in New Zealand... when we least expect it, mother nature decides to have a bit of a tectonic dance party, an earthquake. Whilst trying to keep this as lighthearted as possible and without terrifying any of you so much that you decide not to visit this beautiful country, it really is something that has become a common occurence around here recently! The best and only thing to do in the now is just to be prepared, whether it happens during your travels or not. Fortunately after any disaster there are improvements to knowledge and therefore also to preparation and prevention of damage.

31 Jul

Don't be a boring backpacker!


Traveling can be an extremely scary (but very exciting) experience, especially if traveling alone, so it's completely understandable that maps, guidebooks and rigorous itineraries come into play. Being prepared for everything sometimes makes it all feel a lot more safe. But planning everything isn't always fun, 'safe' can lead to missing out on those once in a lifetime opportunities... it can turn you into a boring backpacker!

30 Jul

See a Kiwi Bird in New Zealand


A question we often get at reception of Nomads Fat Camel or here at the Mad Travel Shop in Auckland is where can I see a kiwi in NZ? You may not realise it... but even some New Zealanders have never seen a Kiwi bird before in their lives. Kiwi birds are very small and have become an endangered species here in NZ, they have been around for about 70 million years so they are very ancient! Not only that but they are a very shy, nocturnal bird. It really is a rare and spectacular sight if you do get to see a Kiwi bird. Use it to your advantage if you are starting your travels around this amazing country and keep a look out at a few of the places we can recommend that are best for spotting a Kiwi!

18 Jul

Top 5 LOTR & Hobbit film locations NZ


Many people know what New Zealand looks like by watching the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies, but does seeing a movie compare to actually seeing the country?... No not really. But I hear you thinking... where should I go as a big Lord of the Rings/Hobbit fan to see all the magical places that were used in the movies?!

17 Jul

How to survive a Hostel


When traveling around the world chances are you stay in your fair share of hostels. Depending on the country and the location you may find that some are better than others and I know after staying at Nomads Cairns for so long other hostels are going to have a hard time living up the expectation of how awesome hostels are.

16 Jul

How to avoid homesickness


When travelling and visiting other countries there are so many changes that take place. The daily activities and routines all change and you are exposed to new and different choices. Some of these prove difficult as we have many habits at home and when they change you are far away from the comfort of family and friends. Some people love all the changes and really take it in their stride like meeting new people, trying new food etc... because they feel mature and independent.