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30 Aug

Why Tourists Flock to Taupo, New Zealand


Taupo which is found in New Zealands North Island is home to New Zealands largest lake, Lake Taupo. The Lake was created after a huge volcano erupted around 27,500 years ago. Although the volcano itself has not erupted since 181AD hydrothermic activity is still being recorded underwater. Because of this the lake is considered to be dormant and not extinct.

29 Aug

Twenty Things to do in Noosa for Under $20

Things to do in noosa beach

Most people think that there are only two activities you can do in Noosa, tan your front and tan your back. But that couldn't be more wrong! Not only are there heaps of really cool things to do in Noosa it's also very cheap!

So here's my list of 20 things to do in Noosa under $20, I call it my 20 under 20 - enjoy!

28 Aug

Northland trip with Great Sights


If you are based in Auckland when you first arrive to New Zealand, there are many places that you can go and visit as a day trip even if you only have a few days to explore. One of those places would be sub tropical Northland. Here you can visit the beautiful township of Paihia, the historic villages of Russel and Kerikeri, the magnificent Kauri tree forests and the most sacred place (to the Maori) in New Zealand, Cape Reinga.

23 Aug

Camel in the jungle


The Camel Bar at Nomads Fat Camel on Fort Street is known around town as 'the place' to go for a good night. There are ultimately some of the best times to be had at this bar. Paint yourself a little picture here... Drinks specials flowing... Dj's mixing... backpackers galore... and isn't it just your luck that at the end of this month there is going to be a special Drum n Bass gig held in The Camel Bar especially for all of the grimey folk who like to have a good time. The Camel is turning into a jungle for 1 night only!!

22 Aug

Experiencing the snow in Queenstown


Queenstown is known by many people as the Adventure Capital of the World, and with good reason. There are a hundred different adrenaline fueled activities to keep thrill seekers happy. Countless different bungy jumps, jet boating, the Luge and paragliding to name but a few.

Even when living in the Coolest Little Capital in the World (Wellington) you have to have a break some time, and what better place to go in winter than Queenstown!? This trip was for a different type of adrenaline rush though. This was to learn how to snowboard!

16 Aug

Wildlife in Wellington


Wellington is widely known for it's great cafes and culture but you can also experience some amazing natural scenery and awesome wildlife right here on our doorstep. There's certainly a lot of rare birds flying (and walking!!) around and if you're lucky you can sometimes spot dolphins or even orcas in the harbour.

15 Aug

Why you should get up early when traveling

Sleeping in

People have different priorities when travelling, some want to see everything and ensure they have an itinerary of tours and activities booked for every day that they are travelling, some just want to do nothing but chill out by the pool baking in the summer sun and others want to party, party, party then sleep, sleep, sleep.

13 Aug

3 2 1 Bungy!


Everybody knows the highest Bungy Jump in New Zealand can be found in Queenstown, known as the Nevis Bungy! But did you know about the other bungy jumps hosted by AJ Hackett in Queenstown? I'd just started working for Nomads Queenstown when I got an email saying that myself and some other staff members were going to be pushed off a bridge, off a mountain and out of a cabin hanging 134 meters above the ground!

09 Aug

Weird australian words


No matter where you visit in the world each city will have its own slang. Even if you speak the language fluently there will always be a few words that throw you off. We can usually get by with hand gestures and word association, but certain words cause you to look at your friends and go "HUH?!?!? what on earth does that mean!

08 Aug

The Jucy Route


In this tall tale I will impart to you a story of intrigue, mystery and legend to rival that of Game of Thrones. Although sometimes I lie so I can neither confirm nor deny the excitement level of this story.

Welcome to a bright Monday morning outside Nomads Queenstown with three radical nymphs with 23kg (each) of packed luggage, 3 snowboards and one surfboard. The surf board has magical powers (you'll find this out later). Enter two young bucks with two backpacks, two snowboards and another surfboard.