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17 Sep

Best food on Fort Street Auckland

romani cafe fortst

I don't know about you but when I am starving I am ready to "kill" everyone on my way and can't think of anything except for food... BUT as soon as I have some food in my stomach I become the sweetest person in the world! :) So now you know... before talking to me ask whether I am hungry or not... lol.

You may or may not know that we have a variety of cafes and food outlets on Fort Street, Auckland, with cuisines from all over the world. Here you can find, and get a sniff of, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Italian food as well as some good old Kiwi favourites too. (So you can be sure that you will not be hungry in this part of town!)

12 Sep

Guide Books - They are just a Guide you know!


Don’t get me wrong if you are thinking of wandering off to a far off land with little more than a sleeping bag liner for protection it is handy having a little help to see you on your way. The problems start when you feel that you cannot move without it.

I’m sure there are many others, but the 2 main guide books I have used are the ‘Rough Guide’ series (funny, sarcastic very English sense of humour) or it's better known cousin the ‘Lonely Planet’ (Used by most people, a bit like an ipod I suppose, works very well, just not for me!).

10 Sep

Whitsunday Calling, Airlie Beach October


74 Islands, sailing, scuba diving The Great Barrier reef and sunshine, these are just some of the reasons thousands of people flock to The Whitsundays every year, throw camping, markets and a Music festival into the mix and you have yourself the perfect destination!

Introducing Whitsunday Calling, a 2 day festival on 5th and 6th October located just a short drive outside of Airlie Beach*.

09 Sep

Welcome to Cairns

welcome to cairns prodive

Cairns is famous for being the gateway to the amazing Great Barrier Reef and many people come here in search of amazing dive sites and in hope of finding Nemo. Lots of people just spend the day out on the reef taking in all the amazing scenery and swimming amongst all the fish however, not many people know and understand the history and the amazing story behind one of the 7 wonders of the world.

06 Sep

Be a Green Backpacker & Reduce your Carbon Footprint


If you haven't yet heard that we need to pay much more attention to the environment then, firstly, where have you been? And secondly, pay attention. Everyone on the planet needs to be more aware of their actions towards the environment and become much more responsible with regards to these actions.

Getting on a plane and jetting half way across the world doesn't exactly scream "environmentally friendly"...

05 Sep

Backpacking: My Cheap, Weird and Wonderful World!


Whether you have had enough of that 9-5pm office job and are bored out of your mind, just broken up with the love of your life and need some space or you are finally making your dream of traveling the globe come true, packing up ship and heading miles overseas away from the clutches of your last world can be a tough thing to do. Condensing your life into a backpack, saying goodbye to your family and friends and accepting the fact there will be no more of mums Sunday dinners for a while.

04 Sep

Sex in a Hostel - A word to The Wise

Sex in a dorm room

I have wondered for a while if hostels add some sort of hormones to the beer they sell. What is it about being away from home that makes you all want to exchange bodily fluids? I will now state for the record you are all free to hump (no one ever uses ‘hump’ to describe sex anymore. Bring back humping I say!) whoever you want. My only request is can you try to do it away from me?

If, like me, you have ever had to listen to someone else doing the horizontal mambo, you’ll know how annoying it is.

03 Sep

Friends and other annoying people


One of the best things about travelling the world is the amount of people we meet along the way. You know what I mean, new friends that you instantly click with, friends that you know will be friends for life, friends that you can visit anywhere in the world, but for all of the amazing friends you have met or will meet, you can be certain of one thing - there's going to be some annoying people thrown into the mix there at some point.

02 Sep

Auckland Walking tour - Volcano, Chocolate and Museum

Auckland Museum Weds walk

You don't know what to do during your free Wednesday? You're bored in the TV room, watching Twilight or Love Actually for the seventh time. How about climbing a volcano? Or visiting the Auckland Museum? Or perhaps some chocolate tasting in a trendy chocolate boutique in Parnell. Well, good news, you can visit all of these places and the only money you need is the $1.90 for the bus.

02 Sep

Best, Low Maintenance Hairstyles for traveling


Every time I have been traveling I have had some form of hair disaster. My first traveling hair disaster happened just before I set off. I was nineteen and about to embark on my gap year in Australia and I'd booked my hair appointment for the morning after my leaving night out. Part way through the appointment I had to be sick and so my perfect hair was rushed and the rich red colour turned out a little more pinkish.

The colour faded so quickly that I had to dye it brown myself a few weeks later and having never dyed my hair before I wasn’t surprised when I found flashes of pinkish colour. I’ve actually managed to make it sound quite cool but trust me, it was not.