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24 Oct

6 of Australias Most Famous Islands


Yes Australia is technically a seriously large island but there are many more islands that make up this original backpacking destination.

In fact, there are over 8000 Australian Islands.

Some are ridiculously famous, some you may never have heard of. Here, we are going to pay homage to some of the famous islands Australia has to offer.

22 Oct

Repel Mosquitoes | How to Avoid Mosquito Bites


Known for bringing out extremes of all sorts, Cairns and tropical north Queensland play host to several ferocious predators... from taipans (highly venomous snakes!) to crocodiles and drop bears! But none of these deadly animals are much of a threat to fun loving backpackers in Cairns. There is however one predator that loves to prey on helpless backpackers as they sun themselves and try to recover from the night before... this is of course the dreaded mosquito.

Knowing what a pest these bloodthirsty bugs can be however, I'd like to share a couple of tips on how to avoid these itchy, annoying mosquito bites.

15 Oct

14000ft Mission Beach Skydive

skydive mission beach

Sunday 29th September I relived my dream. I jumped out of a plane at 14000ft in Mission Beach with Skydive Australia! This was the second skydive I have done and it was by far the best yet. I am currently living in Airlie Beach which is a good 6 hour drive away, but it was worth the journey 10 times over. It is a beautiful place and you get to land onto the Beach, this is one of the only places in Australia you can actually land on the beach!

11 Oct

Travelling on a Working Holiday Visa

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I arrived in Australia at 6.00am in Sydney airport... It hit me... I was in Australia. No accommodation booked, I caught a shuttle into Sydney city centre and found Nomads Westend – What a place?! Party, party, party all the time; this is what Australia is about.

Because I am from Northern Ireland I was travelling on a UK passport – getting my working holiday visa was no problem at all – I applied online and within 7 days it was granted. A one year working holiday visa.

10 Oct

Byron Bay, Australia - The Perfect Holiday Location?

byron bay lighthouse perfect holiday

Byron Bay is described as paradise by many so is it the perfect holiday destination?

Firstly, Byron Bay is stunningly beautiful and has an amazing nine beaches to choose from. Sunbathe on Watego's beach and take advantage of the free electric barbeques and picnic tables, or go to Little Watego's and go rock fishing.

09 Oct

How to travel Green and save money too!


After spending time in some of our lovely Nomads Hostels, in particular at the Nomads Arts Factory, it really opened my eyes and make me think more about green travel. Hostels have really stepped it up in an effort to make their carbon footprint so much smaller and the Arts Factory Lodge blew me away in the process. (Just check out all the things they're up to be sustainable by having a read of 'Sustainability at Nomads Arts Factory')

08 Oct

China is a great tourism market for New Zealand

The Tourism Industry Association announced "Tourism 2025 - Growing Value Together" last Tuesday in Wellington. It said in a fast-changing global marketplace, New Zealand's $23.4 billion tourism industry must be ready to evolve and adapt if it is to keep growing its value both to individual operators and to their economy.

02 Oct

Tulips, Tulips and more Tulips!

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

It's nearing that time when you can trade in your big winter coats and Ugg Boots for a pair of shorts and some flip flops. Spring is here and what better way to celebrate the colour and beauty of nature than going to a Tulip Festival. If you are wondering what this is it can only be described as the best opportunity to go out, have a picnic, take some amazing pictures, enjoy some good music and just... relax.

02 Oct

North Island NZ with Stray Travel

surfing in raglan

I was so excited when I knew I could have a 5-day trip around the North Island of New Zealand. The trip was with Stray Travel - the orange backpacker bus. These five days were an amazing experience for me. I feel like I got a refreshed me after five days because I did lots of things I hadn't done, or even dreamed of doing, before.

18 Sep

Wellington to Picton on Interislander Ferry


In need of some nature? In case you fancy a break from the beautiful city of Wellington and need a little quiet time in nature, why not pop down to the South Island for a day or two?

This is what we, some of the staff from Nomads Capital, (our Nomads Capital) did and we feel reborn! As we (Steph and Rik) both had two days off, we decided to go to the South Island on the ferry and spend two days in Picton.