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28 Jan

The Ultimate Backpacker Challenge!

Knost Vans Noosa Festival of Surfing

Ever fancied learning to surf? Well the Noosa Festival of Surfing is coming up and this year, for the first time, they're running the 'Ultimate backpacker challenge'. Backpackers will complete a crash course in surfing on their way to Noosa on a Mojo Surf Tour, then they'll be competing in front of a packed opening weekend at the worlds biggest surfing event, the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Are you brave enough to take part?

22 Jan

Worlds Best Travel Bloggers Top 3 destinations for 2014

osaka-dotonbori-crabi-sign GypsyNester.com

Need inspiration for your next holiday or adventure? Sometimes it's hard to know where your next travel destination should be, so we thought we'd give you a little bit of help in choosing your next destination by talking to some of the Worlds best travel bloggers and asking them what their Top 3 destinations for 2014 are and why. A few places came up several times and other locations were a bit of a surprise (Iran and Kyrgyzstan may not have been on your list before now but they might be after reading this).

So did one place come out on top? Well yes! In the Number 1 spot: South Africa (5 of our contributing bloggers all chose South Africa as one of their Top Destinations to travel to this year). Number 2: Jordan (following closely behind South Africa is Jordan with 4 mentions). Number 3: Scotland or Peru (Scotland and Peru took joint number 3 spot with 3 mentions each in total).

17 Jan

Confessions of a backpacker: Sex, Drugs and Flashpacking

confessions of a backpacker

When I first arrived in Australia I was staying in a backpackers hostel in Sydney. My room mates explained to me that I was in fact a flashpacker, not a backpacker, due to the fact I didn't have a backpack – I chose a suitcase with wheels and had all my lovely girly things with me – My hair straighteners, makeup, curling tongs, wax kit... basically everything but the kitchen sink.

I watched so many girls struggling at the airport with backpacks bigger than them!! It made me giggle to myself so I was quite glad to be a so-called 'flashpacker'.

14 Jan

Free or Cheap things to do in Auckland


Auckland is a popular destination for people from all over the world and is often ranked as 'most liveable city' or in lists of the Top Ten most popular places to visit. But Auckland has two main drawbacks. Firstly, lots of people think Auckland is just a place for a quick stopover before moving on to other parts of Auckland and secondly it has recently been ranked as one of the most expensive places to visit. Well, we know a few secrets to help you see and experience Auckland on a budget and to convince you to stay in town for a little bit longer than one or two days!

08 Jan

Australia Day


Just what is the significance of Australia Day? These days, especially for many backpackers visiting Australia, it's a day off work and an opportunity to drink with their friends. But Australia Day signifies something very important from this countries history.

Australia Day falls on the 26th January every year. If the 26th happens to fall at the weekend then a public holiday will follow the Monday directly afterwards (like this year, the 27th January 2014 is the actual public holiday, but most celebrations will still occur on the Sunday.)

06 Jan

About New Zealand


Due to being about a tenth of the size of Australia, New Zealand is often seen as a stop off point for people en route to, or leaving Australia and many backpackers only give a few weeks of their travel time to the country. Although a whistle-stop tour of New Zealand can be done in a matter of weeks, there is so much to see and do a year is often not enough.

The greatest thing about New Zealand is that even after one week you feel like you have lived here for years.

24 Dec

How to repel, or avoid being bitten by, sandflies


First off, sandflies in New Zealand are not actually sandflies. Rather, these pesky little bugs are female black flies more thirsty for blood than a dehydrated vampire. If you plan on going outside, or opening a window, in the Westland region (i.e. the whole West Coast) of New Zealand’s South Island, you will encounter sandflies.

True, they are more prevalent in the bush (read: woods) than in the cities but contact with these annoying pests is inevitable.

23 Dec

The times they are a changing


Well what a year its been again for us at Nomads Queenstown. Not only did we win the Golden Backpack Award for Best Hostel in New Zealand 2013, making it four years in a row, but our awesome boss Aimee has decided to leave us and try out new awesome adventures of her own. So for us here in Nomads Queenstown... The times they really are a changing!

23 Dec

Top Ten tips for nudist beach etiquette

nudist beach etiquette

Inspired by an article I read recently, the top 10 places to go skinny dipping, and the fact that nudist beaches are becoming ever more popular throughout Australia and New Zealand, I felt that it was high time to address the issue of appropriate nudist beach behaviour (What not to do on a nudist beach is valuable information!!).

Backpackers are constantly trying to find the new cool thing or place to visit and so far a trip to a nudist beach doesn't appear high on the list of places to go on the usual backpacker trail. But if you want to be a pioneer in the backpacker world and start a new craze of visiting the worlds nudist beaches this article is one you really should read and remember.

20 Dec

Perks of Backpacking In & Around Australia

bondi beach-1

Traveling is the ultimate sensory experience. You get to taste new and exotic foods, feel the breeze or sand of different climates, smell a rainforest or fresh mountain air and see sights you've never even dreamed of. This is especially true when you travel somewhere as diverse and naturally beautiful as Australia, which features everything from beautiful beaches to desolate deserts, lush greens to ragged cliffs and adorable kangaroos to deadly reptiles. Since there is so much to see and experience, why limit yourself with traditional traveling methods?