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El Misti Chill Paraty Hostel & Pousada, Paraty, Brazil

Are you ready to relax and enjoy? El Misti Chill Paraty Hostel & Pousada offers free pickup and breakfast, free internet access, free WiFi and amazing views from all Private rooms. Looking for a great place to unwind? Grab a hammock at El Misti Chill Hostel. Beach-front Hostel, right in the center of town, with a cool atmosphere and dorms from R$29. Exclusive Beach Bar in front of the Hostel, we serve Breakfast, we organize Parties, Barbecues and meals every Night! more...

Facilities at El Misti Chill Paraty Hostel & Pousada

  • Dorms and Private Rooms
  • All Rooms with en-suite
  • Privates with A/C, Cable TV, Fridge
  • Beach Bar
  • Free Brazilian Breakfast on the beach
  • Communal Kitchen
  • Chill-Out area
  • Internet Cafe, Free Wi-Fi
  • Book Exchange
  • Snack Bar
  • Lockers free
  • Tour information & bookings

Common areas: Reading lounge / TV Room / Bar / Roaster. Reception Languages: Italian / English / French / Spanish. Free Breakfast: Coffee, tea and milk / Fresh fruit juices / Selection of cereals / Bread / Ham & Cheese / Flan / Home-made cakes / Fresh fruits / Butter, jam and caramel milk.

Contact Details

El Misti Chill Paraty

Address: Orlando Carpinelli, 3 - Pontal, Paraty, RJ - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Phone (AU): +61 1800 NOMADS (666 237)

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

View Terms and Conditions

You may cancel your booking up to twenty-four hours before arrival. Please do so directly with the relevant hostel.


In the event of a no-show without cancellation, the hostel has the right to charge your credit card for the first night's stay where you have booked accommodation.

Every effort is made to ensure the hostel processes your bookings correctly.

Your contract is with the hostel, not nomadsworld.com. It is the hostel's responsibility to provide you with the services.

1. Currency Exchange Rate

We require payment on arrival. Please note that the actual total will be calculated by the hostel in its local currency (brazilian Reais R$), based on the currency exchange rate (if applicable) in effect at the time charging occurs.

2. Cancellation Policy

* 50% deposit is required to confirm and guarantee reservations; the remainder is due on arrival at the hostel.

* Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made 72 hours or less in advanced of your scheduled arrival time. It will remain under the hostel's discretion to refund deposits for booking changes made within the 72 hours period prior to arrival.

* Only the hostel manager can authorise and refund the deposits for cancellations; always discounting any expense derived from money transfers.

* Packages and groups Cancelation Policy: For Group bookings over 10 people and Packages, cancelations can be done 30 days in advance with a 100% refund. For cancelations and changes with less than 30 days notice, the deposits will not be refunded.

3. Changes after arrival

For changes on bookings after arrival, the subsequent period of 72 hours will not be refunded.

4. No Shows

The bedrooms are held until midday of the day after the scheduled arrival time. After that time the reservations are automatically cancelled.

In the case of 'no-show', deposits will not be refunded and the minimum cancellation fee, equivalent to 3 nights, will be charged to the customers credit card, if the deposit was insufficient to cover this amount. Please note that any cancellations must be notified directly to the hostel at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled arrival time.

5. Three Digit number in the back of the credit card is required

If you make your booking with your credit card on line we will have to authenticate it. In order to confirm your booking we have to request you to send us an e-mail with the 3 digit number in the back of your Card. Our system will eliminate your Card details after your arrival to the Hostel.

If we can't validate the Card within the following 3 days our system will give priority to other bookings and your reservation may be cancelled automatically.

6. Hostel Packages & Group Bookings

* We require 50% to be paid in advance. If you book through a booking engine (i.e. 10% deposit) the difference to complete the 50% should be paid directly to the hostel.

* Cancellations for Packages or Groups over 10 People: Cancellations can be done with 30 days notice or more with 100% refund. For cancellations with less than 30 days notice will not be refunded.

* Only the hostel manager can authorise and refund the deposits for cancellations; always discounting any expense derived from money transfers.

* Bookings for Special Packages (like New Year or Carnival) must be for the whole period of the package, any booking that breaks into the Package dates will be automatically cancelled and the deposit amount not refunded. You will be immediately contacted about the payment from the whole package.

7. Free Transfer

The Hostel offers you a free pick up upon your arrival in Paraty from the bus station in Paraty to our Hostel. This free transfer service is offered between 8.00 am to 10.00 pm. In case you require a transfer outside this schedule, we offer you the possibility of booking it with us at a rate of R$ 15.-

8. Over-bookings

In the event more guests arrive than can be accommodated due to hostel overbooking or an unforeseen circumstances, and the hostel is unable to hold rooms consistent with booking room hold policy, the hostel will attempt to accommodate guests, at its expense, at a comparable hostel in the area for the oversold night(s), and will pay for transportation to that hostel.

9. Improvements

In our efforts to improve and upgrade our facilities to satisfy all our guests, the Hostel sometimes undergoes refurbishment work in some parts of the hostel. We do our best to ensure guests will not be affected by the renovations but please beware of the latter possibility.