Buy in bulk! The easiest way to book a bed and save!

Nomads Bed Hopper Passes are fully-flexible, multi-night, accommodation vouchers that make it easy to get your accommodation quickly sorted! Cheaper than paying separately, vouchers can be redeemed at any hostel within your choice of five global zones (see below):

AUD 269
Why Book a Bed Hopper?

Bed Hopper passes allow you to save money by bulk buying your accommodation, so won’t make such a dent in your budget compared to a regular hostel booking. Simply put 5, 10 or 15 nights accommodation in your back pocket to spend at any of our hostels! You’ll also have great peace of mind knowing that your accommodation is already paid for.

To book your bed at any hostel, simply find each hostel you wish to stay at on the map above. The marker for each hostel gives you all the information you need. Just make sure to book at least 48 hours in advance... easy!

So what is a Bed Hopper Zone, I hear you ask!

The Bed Hopper Network extends across the globe, with hostels on almost every continent! For example, get a 10-night Yellow Zone pass for hostels in South America and pay only $16.50 per night!

  • Green Zone – our most popular zone, for those travelling in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Fiji, USA and Canada
  • Yellow Zone - for our intrepid South American explorers
  • Orange Zone – Western Europe, ideal for our Euro travellers.
  • Purple Zone - for our Eastern European friends
Bed Hopper Bonuses

To help stretch your budget even further, each hostel offers an exclusive Bed Hopper Bonus, such as free bike or surf board hire, free internet time, or free meals and drinks!

Imagine our friend Norman who is travelling in Thailand. He stays a few nights in Bangkok, and then chills out in Koh Samui. With the Bed Hopper Bonus Norman got 2 nights with one voucher in both these locations! Then this little Globe Trotter flies across to Australia and uses his Bed Hoppers to stay in different locations up and down the East Coast. Norman is having a great time! New Zealand is his next destinations where he travels both the North and South Islands. Lucky Norman finishes his trip by chilling out in Fiji. Norman used his Bed Hoppers in each location making his stay fantastic and inexpensive. Norman is awesome.

Nomads has searched the globe for great hostels to join the global Bed Hopper Network, and the list of amazing hostels grows constantly!