phi phi beach

Phi Phi Island... a bucket load of fun.

After an early rise, we caught the Andaman Ferry. The ferry trip is 1 and a 1/2 hours long, there are chairs on the deck or chairs inside in the air con, they even show movies inside... good if you have had a big night the day before.

So why Phi Phi? Other than its breathtaking beaches it also has a cute little town centre with loads of bars... All seem to have a 24hr Happy Hour, what's not to love about that!? You can get the "buckets" of cocktails for 99THB... be sure to make them up yourself, don't buy the pre made. Grab a meal at any number of places and get free wifi.

phi phi beach luxury

TIP 1 - if you are coming for a short stay either store your bag in Phuket or for 50THB you can leave your bag in storage at the pier in Phi Phi.

Tip 2 - get ready with a local payment of 20THB, they hit you up on the island... basically no pay and you don't get off the pier!

Tip 3 - pack sunscreen and mosquito repellant, it's a little more expensive to purchase here. Insect repellent is a MUST HAVE item. And looking at a few "lobsters" walking around I reckon sunscreen would be a good idea if you have fair skin.

Tip 4 - book your bed well in advance, this place fills most nights... if not take your chances but you may end up spending the night somewhere a little off from your dream beach location!

Tip 5 - pay the extra THB and get "air con" over a "fan" room, this place is HOT. A good sleep can be the difference of only one dollar, don't be a tight ass.

stones bar phi phi

So, what to do... take your pick:


  • snorkelling
  • cliff jumping (just don't tell your parents until after you make it back safe)
  • swim with the sharks (also another trip not to mention to mum until you are back safe!)
  • scuba diving - loads of PADI dive shops with expats working in them, Phi Phi has more than 30 dive sites and you're likely to see sharks and the coral reefs are awesome
  • day trips to other islands
  • booze cruises...all you can drink if you are a girl apparently! Be warned.
  • hanging out on the beach and reading a book.
  • taking a longtail to another beach on the island... like Long Beach. 100 THB.

    This is a party island, bars have music until 3am, there are bars in the town centre and also along the beach... check out "stones bar and restaurant" it's right on the beach and a complete chilled atmosphere. Go hard or go home... it's rare to see anyone walking around town until lunchtime.

    Ok to sum up, this place is about beaches, parties and diving... awesome combo, don't miss this one out or you will be regretting it forever!

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